10,000 Lives, Here I come!

Journey Begins

10,000 Lives, Here I come!

Journey Begins

Finally, its here!

Few months ago, I seta goal to become a millionaire. To earn a million in 90 days. And in just 90 days my life made a full turn.

I changed, realigned, tightened, loosened, pressured and gratified my focus, my values, goals, priorities and attitude. I learned and unlearned from people, books, and everywhere about life, business, relationships, mindsets, and strategies. I developed and uncovered skills and talents. That in the end, I earned millions more than I expected! (Check my daily 90-day-challenge blog)

And throughout the 90 day challenge, this came to life. This ministry. This mission. This purpose…to inspire people and touch lives.

I have this talent to talk to people about things beyond ordinary chat and there’s nothing more wonderful on earth every time I see them smile, feel good and be proud of themselves. I discovered how much peace and energy I feel inside when I make a difference to someone else’s life. Even to the point that I said to myself, “if I have one day left on earth, there nothing else I want to do but to inspire people and touch lives.”

And so I decided to make it a living: help people make THE living.

Now, I have a new challenge, touch 10,000 lives before I reach 30!

Right now I am 22 years old, and I still have 8 more years to go. Here will I share to you my escapade of touching those lives, how, when, where, everything! Join me, help me, share with me, and be with me. I don’t know what awaits, but one thing I’m sure of, I will certainly reach that goal.

And so 10,000 lives, here I come!


See you at the top,


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