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    Why Lotto Winners Become Losers – No Millionaire Mind

    Try to google the keyword “lotto winners” and you’ll be suprised that most headlines are “Lotto Winners Who Lost Their Millions”.


    Very simple.

    It’s not their money.

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  • lastmessage

    My Farewell Message – 10 Lessons

    This is one of the farewell message I have left to me supervisors. I inserted a folder together will all my other instructions and this sheet of paper that contains 10 great leadership lesson I have learned from serving and leading my team. This is mostly in Cebuano. In fact, before, most of my memos are in Cebuano for I always believe these things are for the person reading – not for the writer. They understand it better and deeper.

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  • lastday

    My Last Day at Work

    I have spent the last 2 days finishing my farewell message aka “last will and testament” to my team and to significant people I have spent the last 2 years in my company. Good thing, it was not about the executive tables and chairs that I will be leaving behind – because I have none!

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