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  • binisaya-film-festival-cebu

    The Brighter Side of Not Winning in Film Festivals

    This is not a post about failure and success, nor about not giving up, and learning to stand every time you fall. No, that’s too cheesy and overrated. This is also not a rationalization or some glorified-self-excuse because Studio Inspiro’s film was screened last night …

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  • Portrait Photographer Cebu 8

    Taking Better Portaits and My Super Goal

    Early this year, the photographer Hanz had this super goal to push through with my creative career and that is… To learn how to photograph normal people and make them really look good and feel good in the camera. And so far the journey has …

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  • search-for-passion-talent

    I Was Completely Wrong About Passion

    I have a confession to make. I have been teaching the wrong idea about passion. To everyone who has read my blog or listened to me talk before about “discover your passion” and how badly we all should “look for it” because it is something …

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