24 Things To Make this Last Year in School the Best Ever

Make The Best Of Your Last Year In School

24 Things To Make this Last Year in School the Best Ever

Why am I writing this?

Let’s just say I graduated high school as a valedictorian, and college as magna cum laude. I’m 26 now, and looking back, I could just sigh. “Damn, I could have made it even better!”

And these are the things that popped out of my heart, as if I’m talking to the younger version of me.

(Crap the k12 thingy, I don’t know the grade levels they’re talking about. So I’m sticking to High School and College. Hahaha!)

For all graduating High school students:

  1. Spend this whole year figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life, so that by the end of the year you have decided on what course you ought to take in college. Don’t waste your effort, and your parent’s money.
  2. Write your dreams in a piece of paper, and put them in your wallet. Neverlet that go. This is the first step on how you make your dreams come true – make them into tangible matter.
  3. Build stronger friendships with your friends. Trust me, you will need those buddies for the rest of your life.
  4. Love the people who bully you. They’ll probably become drug addicts, and teenage parents. However if you talk to them, love them, and respect them – see them as the vicimts – then you might be able to save them.
  5. Please forget all you have learned about love in the movies. Delete them, and make your own. Love is a process. It’s not a one time thing.
  6. Weaknesses are not bad. They’re cool. It’s part of your package. It’s like an appendix that you can’t get rid of. Let them be, spend more time on what you’re good at – your core gifts! Develop it.
  7. Start designing your life. Forget about successful professions: doctors, lawyers, engineers, maritime, etc. Create a new career. Create a lifestyle that suits your dreams, and the things you love to do. Earlier in my life, I would have loved to be a rockstar-businessman, but a director-artist-businessman-philanthropist is also cool.

Or be like photographer Murad Osmann, and follow your girlfriend around the world!

photograhper girl friend around the world


For all graduating College Students, spend the last year by doing these:

  1. Forget all you have learned the past 4 years, they are useless, you won’t need them in the work you’ll gonna land in to. (Okay, you may use some, but forget the 80%)
  2. Learn how to stand with “beaches” and “ey-wholes”. You will be eaten alive if you don’t know how to.
  3. Choose your friends. Delete if they pull you down, or they don’t have dreams in life.
  4. If you are weak on a specific subject. Forget about it. Because there’s nothing wrong or negative about weakness. FOcus on what you’re good at. Don’t force yourself. If you’re not good in any subject, drop it.
  5. Learn to be honest with yourself. Say what you want to say. Express what you want to express. Be brave.
  6. Build a network of people in college. Make friends with the people who are good at certain things – designers, talents, geniuses, artists. Get their numbers. Build a phone book. You will need them soon.
  7. Learn how to set goals, and learn how to achieve it. Start by achieving one at least a week.
  8. Don’t make your grades as the goals. Your grades must just be the by-product, the goal is to do what you love.
  9. Stop trying to please people, not even your parents or guardians. Stop thinking about what other people think of you. There’s no right and wrong, they are just judgments and labels. Just do what you love and the rest will follow.
  10. Learn all you need to learn about money. How to budget, save, invest, and build.
  11. Understand business, start one. Or team up with friends to start one.
  12. Figure out what you love to do, and start doing them. Often. Always.
  13. Forget first about boyfriends and girlfriends. They will fall in place once you start doing number 12 and completely loving yourself. Golden rule: You cannot give, what you don’t have, right?
  14. Learn meditation. That’s the only way you can survive the battles of the “real” world.
  15. Be in charge of your health. Take responsibility. Let your food be your medicine. You are what you eat.
  16. Understand that traveling and adventure is part of life.
  17. Yes, your parents may be bothering you of what’s going to be your direction in life. But don’t fret, don’t get angry at them nor ignore them: they just want you to be secured and happy. In other words, that’s the way they show their love. Respect them, respect their insights. However, if you simply commit to yourself that you want to be the best version of who dreamed to be – be it against what they want you to be – then slowly and slowly they will see the results and they will slowly and slowly re-align their thoughts about you, and will even support you.

Always remember, there’s no better education than self-education!



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