26 Days to Go – Waiting For My Last Day

waiting for my last day

26 Days to Go – Waiting For My Last Day

waiting for my last day

…honestly, is not easy! ! And today there was just too much of it!

I still have 26 days more to go! (Read here my story)

Aside from the heavy tasks – as “they” squeeze the most out of me, I too have “trilemmas” going over my head all day long. Yes, I am afraid. There’s always man’s mortal enemy Mr. What If – I ran out of cash? family get sick? emergencies? – haunting me everyday. Plus, the unnecessary stress I have created to earn more and  faster cash before my last day was taken me under a major major hostage  crisis.

But then I attended the Feast – a gathering of the Kerygma Family (Light of Jesus Community) here in Cebu at the CAP auditorium and it happens to be the happiest place on earth. After this post you’ll know why. I have to because I am the the “voice over guy” and “ppt clicker”, and so yes I just love to be there because my voice and my delayed clicks bless people!

Co-“accidentally”, the session tonight was the beginning of the “Prosper” series. The talk, which was given by my new-idol K-Preacher Bro. Arun Gogna, shook me so hard that I was like run over by a kalesa driven by a unicorn – char! Yes, it feels so good that everything fell into place – the burden was gone in a snap!

How? Only 3 words …

God Will Provide

As what Bro. Arun shared…

“Remember that God is your Father, and you are his son. And everybody knows that God is rich, right?

So if your Father is rich, then so are you.”

Makes sense?

Absolutely. And so my heart smiled in warmth. Never have I been so confident…again! It was so comforting. God was telling me, “Chill Hanz, chiiilll…I got you covered, insured.”

Here’s the funny part. It was tithing time, and I only have 2 bills on my wallet, a 100 and a 20 peso bill. (I’m rich noh?) Of course, I am rich so I picked the 20 pesos and placed it in the envelope thinking God will understand, I have cut my sleeping time making the Feast Newsletter. But then Bro. Arun, exclaimed…

“When you give it should cause pain. See Jesus on the cross, He didn’t die with a laugh, it was with pain.”

I swallowed hard.

“What you have is given by God, returning back to him shouldn’t hurt that much. The money comes from Him.”

I gulped very hard.

And so I took my wallet and picked the 100 hundred placed it inside. And slowly under the table, I took back the 20 pesos thinking “Wa na koy pamlete!”

And with pain in my heart, I proudly dropped my 100. But nah…

God Will Provide.

But you know what happened after the Feast?

Actually, this morning I deposited Php2,000 in my Paypal account because I was planning to buy when I get home and  invest it for an internet marketing product – driven by the stress I mentioned earlier. But, out of nowhere, my bestfriend and internet marketing guru JanMck approached me and offered me somewhat the same internet marketing product for only Php500! Wow!

Instead of giving off Php2,000, I saved Php1,500! (But that would be Php1,400 minus the now-loved Php100 pesos I gave as tithe.)

Now, this is the kind of things that happen when you join the Feast and keep in touch with God. Indeed, God will provide. He storms you for a while, but after that storms you even more – blessings. He didn’t just waked me up and assured me but yeah, He showed it to me.

So yes, God provides. But only if we ask and we seek.

And so if anyone smugs me of my resignation, “So what will happen to you?”

“God will provide”



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