Ask Hanz – If All Will Be Self-Employed


Ask Hanz – If All Will Be Self-Employed

Guys, great news!

One of our subscribers asked one interesting question and I’d like to share them all to you. So I asked myself, “Hey self, why not start a QnA portion here? ” Good job self! So now here it is – Ask Hanz!

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Here’s the first ever – Ask Hanz! Question.


“What will happen if most people will be self-employed?”

-asked by dro

A lot more people will be fulfilled of themselves!

But, truth is, not all will be self-employed.

There are always people that are born to be “workers”.
It’s their “love” to work and be asked to work for someone else.
This is the same answer to the question, “Why are there evil people?”

However, when I say fulfilled, this only applies to the self-employed who totally loves what they are doing, and what they are doing greatly benefits others.

Like there are self-employed people who offers service for the sake of getting paid in return. You’ll find them when you experience back-jobs or half-finished work.

However, economic wise – lemme see.

I believe it will bring in positive impact now that the trend of the world is consumer based. The level of the consumers are now quite powerful. You mess them up, they mess on you at twitter, youtube, or facebook. So it would be a good opportunity to break down tyrant companies into smaller companies (run by people who quit their jobs..hehehe) that cater to that certain specific needs of certain level of customers.

Like just this morning, I ran into this filipino brothers who almost own a department store in ebay! From imported shoes to RTWs to bags and perfumes, and they would have orders of not less than 10 a day and earn a net of 5k daily that the JRS express branch survived because of them! And of course, their costumers are happy. Everybody is happy!

My mom sells the best chiffon cakes in town, a friend’s mom makes the best cupcakes in town, my bestfriend’s mom makes the best pastries and delicacies in town, and the sister of my classmate makes the best wedding cakes in town. All these at a way cheaper price than the market and of course, (sometimes negotiable), customizable, and free delivery! Everybody is happy.

It’s like a world where people earn because of their uniqueness, and they’re using that uniqueness – that talent, that core gift – to fill in what the rest cannot fill.

The self-employed is living out his dream.
The “worker” mindset does what he loves.
And the rest is satisfied.

See you at the top,


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