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  • Maleta Short Film3

    Maleta – A Short Film by Hanz Florentino

      “Maleta” is short drama on a father and son’s journey to freedom.

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  • Get What You Want

    How to Change What You Don’t Want (And Get Everything You Want)

    “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Honestly, these is one the life principles that took me some time to see it really happen. This magical secret has been shared by one of my great teachers Dr. …

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  • Yolanda Tacloban Victims

    How I Honor All Who Died In Yolanda

    This will be short. As you read this, let’s share a moment to remember all those who have died running to safety, holding on to their dear lives, drowning in fear and water, those whom we will not see anymore, those whose dreams will remain …

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  • Typhoon Yolanda Tacloban 20131109 007 Carousel

    What the Earthquake and Yolanda Told Me

    In less than a month, our country Philippines, specifically my city, Cebu, has experience two of the worst natural disasters – a 7.2 magnitude earthquake coupled with hundreds of aftershocks, and a historical super typhoon Haiyan, aka. Yolanda. Thousands dead, homeless, and broken. After all …

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  • Gmo Vs Organic Human

    The Two Types of Humans: GMO or Organic

    The Green Insights: (The wacky ideas I download during gardening) MAN is very much similar to PLANTS: There are 2 kinds of humans: GMO and the ORGANIC.

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  • Tumblr Mtl5mjKpuy1shjnqqo1 1280

    Fool Proof Solution to Hunger

    “A FOOL-PROOF SOLUTION TO HUNGER!!!” Just an hour ride from the city is a vast garden of eden – ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDEN in Tinaan Naga wonderfully taken cared of Ate Gloria and the rest of the farmer communities in the area – they have a …

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  • outdoor meditation cebu

    The first of the many OUTDOOR MEDITATION by the Cebu Meditation Circle! Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city life – we took 20 minutes just to SEAT IN PEACE and offer that silence for the things that are happening in our country. For …

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  • Social entrepreneur meeting cebu

    We just culminated our crowdfunding discussion with Social Project.PH tonight! Thank you Justin Garrido for introducing to us your services. For budding social entrepreneurs and or advocacy groups who are looking for funds to start their businesses or projects, check out their crowdfunding platform especially for you! …

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  • Mqdefault

    Muni Cebu Hohol – Cebu’s Cultural Creatives

    One of the big openings for CULTURAL CREATIVES in Cebu to find more ALLIES as they start to share their vision for a better Maharlika! (Philippines) Cheers to Jen Horn of Muni for creating the space! For Youth for a Livable Cebu for gathering everyone! …

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  • maharlika nation

    The Values of a Maharlika Nation


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  • “Why should there be FAIR TRADE???” I thought at first this was just some blah-blah animation/video game but later on I just went.“oh myyyy…” This is also true in our country now – IT’S TIME TO REVIVE MAHARLIKA! The Scarecrow (by chipotle) (Source:

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  • celebrate a green birthday

    How to Celebrate a Birthday: Tree Planting

    What’s a better way to Celebrate a BIRTHDAY???? How about CELEBRATING LIFE with LIFE!!!! A group of pre-school teachers from Dynamic Minds sparked with creativity and a heart for nature celebrated the birthday of Teacher Stella – center in white long sleeves beautifuly bathed in …

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