Better Filmmaker 1 – How I Transformed from a Videographer to Filmmaker

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Better Filmmaker 1 – How I Transformed from a Videographer to Filmmaker

“Your video stinks!”

Three months after becoming a full time web-series director I was reading this comment. I wanted to format my life – literally. I was down. For the first time after 2 years in the video industry did a client – this time our producer has eaten me alive.

There were other comments within this range of pain that I seem to successfully erase which is good.

Okay, I was into documentaries for the first two years, AVP’s are no sweat at Studio Inspiro, so I felt it’s just understandable if I am degraded in this industry. But “ouch” was still a prominent feeling.

I don’t know what really happened, but I just “moved on”.

I learned more, asked for help more, and created more mistakes.  After a month I read…

“Your video is yucky!”

So every time the chicken crosses the street, I see bubbles popping up and becoming glorious stars.

Yes, I have become numb to the comments. But guess, what I did… I “moved on”

Then after another one month, I read.

“You’ve become good videographers, you should aim to become fine filmmakers


videographer to filmmaker

Where’s Hanz? Clue: Glasses

It’s a double edged comment but still – HALLELUJAH!

So what happened? What really happened to me?

There’s the switch – an inner switch – turned on.

The inner switch that turns on prompts a screen in my head,

“Hanz, if you really want to become a good director, this is how it is done. There are no shortcuts. There will be long shooting days. There will be creativity overload. There will be problems you have to solve on set. There will have to be decisions you need to take every moment – practical, structural, creative, and even life and death decisions. There will still be longer shooting days. There will be accidents. There will be crazy lighting problems. There will be the neighbor’s dog, and the 24-hour rooster. There will be good actors, and bad actors. Assistant directors, art departments, production managers, will only be dream departments in the these first months. Yes, there are still very long shooting days. Gadgets will be broken. Equipment will be left behind in the studio. Someone else’s packed meal will be eaten by other crew member.  Transportation gas will run short. There will be mistakes, re-shoots, and even more mistakes. Headaches. And there will be a better you – a better director – a better filmmaker.”

That’s what happened to me.

An inner switch turned on.


Better Filmmaker Series is my own way – no other way – to learn as much as I can and become a better filmmaker. Plus, sharing it would be super cool!




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