Most – Top Inspirational Movie

Last time, I shared to you why I don’t watch TV anymore.
But instead, a born-movie-lover, i usually spend time searching for movies that “MOVE – I ”
And today, I’ll be sharing one to you.

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Why I Don’t Watch TV Anymore

When was the last time you watched TV and felt so good about yourself?
When was the last time you watched TV and felt so inspired and so motivated?
When was the last time you watched TV that you actually grew?
So here are my 8 reasons why I don’t watch TV anymore.

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Best Tasty Chiffon Cakes in Cebu


Tasty. Fluffy. Heavy – you can actually chew it!

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Cebu Packed Lunch – The Best and Affordable

The best and all affordable packed meals in Cebu is now here!

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lotto winners losers

Why Lotto Winners Become Losers – No Millionaire Mind

Try to google the keyword “lotto winners” and you’ll be suprised that most headlines are “Lotto Winners Who Lost Their Millions”.


Very simple.

It’s not their money.

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My Farewell Message – 10 Lessons

This is one of the farewell message I have left to me supervisors. I inserted a folder together will all my other instructions and this sheet of paper that contains 10 great leadership lesson I have learned from serving and leading my team. This is mostly in Cebuano. In fact, before, most of my memos are in Cebuano for I always believe these things are for the person reading – not for the writer. They understand it better and deeper.

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My Last Day at Work

I have spent the last 2 days finishing my farewell message aka “last will and testament” to my team and to significant people I have spent the last 2 years in my company. Good thing, it was not about the executive tables and chairs that I will be leaving behind – because I have none!

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waiting for my last day

26 Days to Go – Waiting For My Last Day

…honestly, is not easy! ! And today there was just too much of it! I still have 26 days more to go!

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Living on the edge

Greatness: My Resignation Story

September 3, just another ordinary Thursday, in the middle of work, I stood up went to the computer, typed, printed, went to the sales office and submitted my resignation letter.

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10,000 lives

Why Touch 10,000 Lives?

I really don’t know. It sounds cool and catchy though, like, insssppuuyyrrrr 10,000, yeah! Still I don’t know, its just …

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