City Hunter Lessons

5 Lessons from City Hunter for Filmmakers and Lovers

Currently, we’re in production of a “secret” web series. Unlike film, this production is very much organic. Why? We shoot …

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Deadline Abundance

Daily Abundance – Money in One Day Before Deadline

  Since last week, my parents have been bugging me indirectly! (The ultimate parent strategy!) that we need to get …

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Facepalm Deal With Shit

The Best Way to Deal with Sh*t in our Lives

In this journey I started last 2012, the journey of going deeper and inwards to myself has led me to …

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insomnia life energy

Top Cause of Insomnia – Awesome Discoveries

So it has been quite a journey to my self-health freedom – where one totally takes full responsibility of our …

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Maleta Short Film3

Maleta – A Short Film by Hanz Florentino

  “Maleta” is short drama on a father and son’s journey to freedom.

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Get What You Want

How to Change What You Don’t Want (And Get Everything You Want)

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Honestly, these is one the …

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Yolanda Tacloban Victims

How I Honor All Who Died In Yolanda

This will be short. As you read this, let’s share a moment to remember all those who have died running …

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Typhoon Yolanda Tacloban 20131109 007 Carousel

What the Earthquake and Yolanda Told Me

In less than a month, our country Philippines, specifically my city, Cebu, has experience two of the worst natural disasters …

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Gmo Vs Organic Human

The Two Types of Humans: GMO or Organic

The Green Insights: (The wacky ideas I download during gardening) MAN is very much similar to PLANTS: There are 2 …

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Tumblr Mtl5mjKpuy1shjnqqo1 1280

Fool Proof Solution to Hunger

“A FOOL-PROOF SOLUTION TO HUNGER!!!” Just an hour ride from the city is a vast garden of eden – ORGANIC …

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