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  • binisaya-film-festival-cebu

    The Brighter Side of Not Winning in Film Festivals

    This is not a post about failure and success, nor about not giving up, and learning to stand every time you fall. No, that’s too cheesy and overrated. This is also not a rationalization or some glorified-self-excuse because Studio Inspiro’s film was screened last night …

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  • Make The Best Of Your Last Year In School

    24 Things To Make this Last Year in School the Best Ever

    Why am I writing this? Let’s just say I graduated high school as a valedictorian, and college as magna cum laude. I’m 26 now, and looking back, I could just sigh. “Damn, I could have made it even better!” And these are the things that popped …

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  • muni cebu hohol changemakers

    Cebu Changemakers in Muni Hohol

    What happens when you put in one room all CHANGEMAKERS in CEBU??? from Organic Farm Enthusiasts, Eco-Tourism Adventurers, Indigenous Artisans, Essence Based Marketers, to UpCycled DIY Hobbyists – a NEW future is created!!! Amazing turnout at September 6’s Muni PH HOHOL in Cebu! Cheers to …

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  • IStock 000005724729Small

    How to Make Your Dream God’s Dreams

    We at the Studio Inspiro are now done with the first part of shooting our short film entitled “Augustino“. It’s a wonderful story of a boy named Augustino who wrote 7 crazy dreams and how he prayed for them to Sto Nino. And the movie …

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  • Cebu Broadway

    Imagine BROADWAY in CEBU (A Dream)

    Let me share to you a simple dream… Cebu will have our own Broadway. Not just really Broadway, but something like an ARTIST STREET! Let me share it this way… Imagine a home where artists can present pure raw talent, that which they have practiced …

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  • Creative Entrepreneurship

    Start Building Businesses With Your Talents (Quick Guide)

    This week has been such an awesome energy boosting period for I have made two runs of my seminar, Creative Entrepreneur – How to Build Businesses With Your Talents. Even from the first batch, I had this wonderful rush of creative energy for I delivered …

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  • Quit Job1

    I Have Been Through This When I Quit

    Many people continue to ask me, “Hey Hanz, how did you do it? How were you able to hit it through? Quit your job and here you are!” And then I would really try to explain that I did this and I did that, but …

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  • When To Quit

    How Will You Know If It is Your Time to Quit

    This question has been asked too many times. It may sound just a mere question but from someone looking straight into your eyes – it’s a life and death situation. I usually answer it with a story. Back during WWII, in the Nazi concentration camps …

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  • Money Heart

    How to Heal Your Relationship with Money

    “Money often costs too much.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson This peace of paper that has a face on it with numbers on each of its corner has really caused a lot of things in this world: joy, trouble, happiness, disaster, fun, crime, and so many …

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  • How to Survive 2012 – ULTIMATE GUIDE – Part 1

    As I must say, watching this video is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!   Read this after watching. And yes, the main point is that every action of ours has a consequence. Good reaps good, bad reaps bad. Unfortunately, the reaping doesn’t happen right exactly after the bad. …

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  • top business asset

    Everybody’s First Greatest Business Asset – Millionaire Student

    Do you know that you already have the biggest money generating cash machine in the whole world? Yes, it’s an asset and you have it right now! The house? No. The car? No. Family name? No. Grades? No. The good looks? Hmmmmmmm…that is if you… …

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  • question student must answer

    The Greatest Question Every Student Must Know the Answer – Millionaire Student

    It’s quite funny that I graduated Magna Cum Laude and this question never even crossed my mind – I never got a chance to answer it. And looking back at the past, I can honestly say, that if only I was able to come across …

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