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    I Was Completely Wrong About Passion

    I have a confession to make. I have been teaching the wrong idea about passion. To everyone who has read my blog or listened to me talk before about “discover your passion” and how badly we all should “look for it” because it is something …

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  • Make The Best Of Your Last Year In School

    24 Things To Make this Last Year in School the Best Ever

    Why am I writing this? Let’s just say I graduated high school as a valedictorian, and college as magna cum laude. I’m 26 now, and looking back, I could just sigh. “Damn, I could have made it even better!” And these are the things that popped …

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    How to Make Your Dream God’s Dreams

    We at the Studio Inspiro are now done with the first part of shooting our short film entitled “Augustino“. It’s a wonderful story of a boy named Augustino who wrote 7 crazy dreams and how he prayed for them to Sto Nino. And the movie …

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  • Start A Business

    How to Start a Business – Ask Hanz

    An attendee of one of my seminars in school sent me a question in Facebook, and I’m pretty much proud for it seems that my message has struck them quite good. Why? Lhee Anne is just a student, and now, she’s convinced to start her …

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  • Creative Entrepreneurship

    Start Building Businesses With Your Talents (Quick Guide)

    This week has been such an awesome energy boosting period for I have made two runs of my seminar, Creative Entrepreneur – How to Build Businesses With Your Talents. Even from the first batch, I had this wonderful rush of creative energy for I delivered …

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    The Untold Ancient Technique to Be Instantly Happy

    I recently stumbled on and learned one powerful secret to be very very happy. It works super fast and super effective. This technique has been around since the ancient times and unfortunately has long been forgotten. And for the first time, I’m gonna bring it …

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  • Last Day On Earth 2

    Discover Your Passion 7 – Last Technique

    This is our last technique and this time let’s get deeper. For the past week, you have figured out some striking questions. Questions not normally asked in our daily life. And like all those who have thanked me, each day you have awakened small realities …

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    Discover Your Passion 6 – Greatest Advice Technique

    Now, this technique in discovering you passion might one of the most brain squeezing, but applying it thoughtfully will deem big results. Ready now your file with the answer from the previous days’ answers so you can email them to me on the last day …

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  • Fun Discover Your Passion E1317948943983

    Discover Your Passion 5 – Fun Technique

    Fun technique I believe now, things have been a lot clearer for you as you discover your passion. Good for you! Ready now your answers for the previous questions just to be sure you’ll have things in record so you can join the contest. Okay, …

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    The Greatest Lesson Ever Learned from Steve Jobs

    My world actually stopped, after hearing the news. Steve Jobs (1955-2011) “Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world has lost and amazing human being” This week, we have been half way into the Discover Your Passion Contest, and I have …

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  • skills discover passion

    Discover Your Passion 4 – Skills Technique

    This will be very easy! Ready now your answers for the previous questions just to be sure you’ll have things in record so you can join the contest. So here is the fourth technique that can make you discover your passion. What are the top …

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  • friends discover passion

    Discover Your Passion 3 – Ask Your Friend Technique

    Ask Your Friend Technique Today we will be different! (Wait, are you now ready with the previous day’s answer? Why? Because this is the Discover your passion contest!) Because it won’t be us who will be answering the question, it will be someone else! I …

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