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  • hanz florentino filmmaker

    When You Send the Wrong Message to the Universe

    It was around 3 months ago, the normal low points of the year. Filmmaking projects were good but blah. They weren’t spicy enough. Then came the month of May and from nothing to a fully packed schedule I have to travel to the mountains, to the …

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  • ira glass creative work

    Why Getting Disappointed At Your Work Is Good

    Truth is, up to today, I still can’t call myself a “real artist.” Why? I still get disappointed at my work. Yes, I do creative work as a full time job. Yes, I get into working with colors, self-expression, and flowy-flowy stuff. Yes, I use …

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  • binisaya-film-festival-cebu

    The Brighter Side of Not Winning in Film Festivals

    This is not a post about failure and success, nor about not giving up, and learning to stand every time you fall. No, that’s too cheesy and overrated. This is also not a rationalization or some glorified-self-excuse because Studio Inspiro’s film was screened last night …

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  • search-for-passion-talent

    I Was Completely Wrong About Passion

    I have a confession to make. I have been teaching the wrong idea about passion. To everyone who has read my blog or listened to me talk before about “discover your passion” and how badly we all should “look for it” because it is something …

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  • setlife behind the scenes 3

    Our New Short Film – “Anna Melena” with Behind the Scenes

    It’s my third time to join the crazy adrenaline rush 48hour Film Challenge last month, April – this time for Singapore. My first join, which I wrote my story here – 48Hour Cebu which happened last October of 2014, and yes, our film “Si Kuya …

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  • healthy depression creative

    I Regularly Go On Depression – Why you should too!

    I call it a “dip.” Others call it depression and it sounds scary, so I call it “dip” Short. Cool. Later you’ll know why I call it “dips” I know one might hear this countless of times “Life is a series of ups and downs”. …

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  • Si Kuya Lang Short Film 4

    Why Filmmakers Should Join a 48 Hour Shootout

    I just had a really awesome weekend, and I just would have to write it down. In so many ways the Motion Picture Society of Cebu’s 48-Hour Shootout is ultimately what Cebu filmmakers need right now. As I wrote on how I transitioned from being …

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