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  • meditation for beginners

    Meditation for Beginners – 18 Things You Need to Know

    It’s 2016! And it’s my first post of the year! And it’s really timely to start it off with the my own best way of starting my day – meditation. Last Sunday, we were invited to a special lecture “Meditation for Beginners – Simple and …

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  • Two Kinds Of Expectations

    Two Kinds of Expectations – Which One Works

    Three years into this higher level of consciousness journey (char!) you’d think that you’re getting better at the law of attraction – literally getting everything I want – but sometimes it flops – bigtime. A few weeks ago I had two straight weeks that I …

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  • Make The Best Of Your Last Year In School

    24 Things To Make this Last Year in School the Best Ever

    Why am I writing this? Let’s just say I graduated high school as a valedictorian, and college as magna cum laude. I’m 26 now, and looking back, I could just sigh. “Damn, I could have made it even better!” And these are the things that popped …

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  • Facepalm Deal With Shit

    The Best Way to Deal with Sh*t in our Lives

    In this journey I started last 2012, the journey of going deeper and inwards to myself has led me to so many big life changes. I could write and preach endlesslesly of the great lessons and insights I have learned, but it would more awesome …

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  • Mqdefault

    Muni Cebu Hohol – Cebu’s Cultural Creatives

    One of the big openings for CULTURAL CREATIVES in Cebu to find more ALLIES as they start to share their vision for a better Maharlika! (Philippines) Cheers to Jen Horn of Muni for creating the space! For Youth for a Livable Cebu for gathering everyone! …

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  • Cebu Broadway

    Imagine BROADWAY in CEBU (A Dream)

    Let me share to you a simple dream… Cebu will have our own Broadway. Not just really Broadway, but something like an ARTIST STREET! Let me share it this way… Imagine a home where artists can present pure raw talent, that which they have practiced …

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  • Success Patterns Habits

    10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Form Habits – Success Patterns

    Its 6:00 in the morning and I just finished my morning rituals. Rang the gong, chanted in the mountains, sacrificed and burned a goat for offering. Just kidding! Ha! Finally, it’s now a habit of mine to wake up before 5:00 and do my morning …

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  • Money Heart

    How to Heal Your Relationship with Money

    “Money often costs too much.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson This peace of paper that has a face on it with numbers on each of its corner has really caused a lot of things in this world: joy, trouble, happiness, disaster, fun, crime, and so many …

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  • Janmck Hanz Bo Sanchez

    Bo Sanchez’s Best Advice for Me (Surely for You)

    It was last September 3, that Bro. Bo Sanchez came here to Cebu for the launching of the Kerygma Conference. And as always, Janmck and I had quite an ample time updating each other on our ventures being him as our mentor. So while waiting …

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  • How to Survive 2012 – ULTIMATE GUIDE – Part 1

    As I must say, watching this video is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!   Read this after watching. And yes, the main point is that every action of ours has a consequence. Good reaps good, bad reaps bad. Unfortunately, the reaping doesn’t happen right exactly after the bad. …

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  • ancient technique happiness

    The Untold Ancient Technique to Be Instantly Happy

    I recently stumbled on and learned one powerful secret to be very very happy. It works super fast and super effective. This technique has been around since the ancient times and unfortunately has long been forgotten. And for the first time, I’m gonna bring it …

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  • skills discover passion

    Discover Your Passion 4 – Skills Technique

    This will be very easy! Ready now your answers for the previous questions just to be sure you’ll have things in record so you can join the contest. So here is the fourth technique that can make you discover your passion. What are the top …

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