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  • Hanz Florentino Prophecy Gift 2013

    My 2013 Gift to You

    Note: Of the 7 billion people in the world, ff you are reading this, then this gift is specifically made for you receive it. If this was shared from someone, be grateful to that person, I’m pretty sure you are very special. The last quarter …

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  • Money Heart

    How to Heal Your Relationship with Money

    “Money often costs too much.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson This peace of paper that has a face on it with numbers on each of its corner has really caused a lot of things in this world: joy, trouble, happiness, disaster, fun, crime, and so many …

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    What Happened to Hanz Florentino?

     “Why am I here?” This was the question I asked myself standing on top of this summit, holding my camera. Such peaceful place overlooking the mountains of Palawan. I was in Maia at that time – an earth village. Things don’t just happen. The past …

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  • How to Survive 2012 – ULTIMATE GUIDE – Part 1

    As I must say, watching this video is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!   Read this after watching. And yes, the main point is that every action of ours has a consequence. Good reaps good, bad reaps bad. Unfortunately, the reaping doesn’t happen right exactly after the bad. …

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  • ancient technique happiness

    The Untold Ancient Technique to Be Instantly Happy

    I recently stumbled on and learned one powerful secret to be very very happy. It works super fast and super effective. This technique has been around since the ancient times and unfortunately has long been forgotten. And for the first time, I’m gonna bring it …

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