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  • Social entrepreneur meeting cebu

    We just culminated our crowdfunding discussion with Social Project.PH tonight! Thank you Justin Garrido for introducing to us your services. For budding social entrepreneurs and or advocacy groups who are looking for funds to start their businesses or projects, check out their crowdfunding platform especially for you! …

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  • IStock 000005724729Small

    How to Make Your Dream God’s Dreams

    We at the Studio Inspiro are now done with the first part of shooting our short film entitled “Augustino“. It’s a wonderful story of a boy named Augustino who wrote 7 crazy dreams and how he prayed for them to Sto Nino. And the movie …

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  • Success Patterns Habits

    10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Form Habits – Success Patterns

    Its 6:00 in the morning and I just finished my morning rituals. Rang the gong, chanted in the mountains, sacrificed and burned a goat for offering. Just kidding! Ha! Finally, it’s now a habit of mine to wake up before 5:00 and do my morning …

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  • Speak Same Language

    Your Language Determines Your Reality

    It’s funny how I was able to train myself to “categorize” people according to their choice of words. Oh, it’s not about judging them – defensive eh? (Please don’t judge me! Haha) It’s basically identifying what their status is and how I can best communicate …

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  • Janmck Hanz Bo Sanchez

    Bo Sanchez’s Best Advice for Me (Surely for You)

    It was last September 3, that Bro. Bo Sanchez came here to Cebu for the launching of the Kerygma Conference. And as always, Janmck and I had quite an ample time updating each other on our ventures being him as our mentor. So while waiting …

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  • stop fixing people change

    Great Relationships 101 – Stop Fixing People

    To be honest, I don’t have a good relationship with my sister. Why? We’re just too different. And that difference had brought tremendous marks in our family’s history. I didn’t like her because… She spends all of her life watching TV! Okay not really all …

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  • Success Relationships E1314637601972

    Great Relationships 101 – Success Is All About Relationships

    “No person has ever become so successful without having great relationships.” Friends, it’s all about relationships. What is life if you may have everything you need and want but you are empty inside? Or you are carrying hurt and emotional baggage? What will you do …

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  • Most – Top Inspirational Movie

    Last time, I shared to you why I don’t watch TV anymore.
    But instead, a born-movie-lover, i usually spend time searching for movies that “MOVE – I ”
    And today, I’ll be sharing one to you.

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  • lastmessage

    My Farewell Message – 10 Lessons

    This is one of the farewell message I have left to me supervisors. I inserted a folder together will all my other instructions and this sheet of paper that contains 10 great leadership lesson I have learned from serving and leading my team. This is mostly in Cebuano. In fact, before, most of my memos are in Cebuano for I always believe these things are for the person reading – not for the writer. They understand it better and deeper.

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  • lastday

    My Last Day at Work

    I have spent the last 2 days finishing my farewell message aka “last will and testament” to my team and to significant people I have spent the last 2 years in my company. Good thing, it was not about the executive tables and chairs that I will be leaving behind – because I have none!

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