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  • healthy depression creative

    I Regularly Go On Depression – Why you should too!

    I call it a “dip.” Others call it depression and it sounds scary, so I call it “dip” Short. Cool. Later you’ll know why I call it “dips” I know one might hear this countless of times “Life is a series of ups and downs”. …

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  • Stop Looking At Heaven

    Why I Stopped Looking At Heaven When I Pray

    As not many of you know, I have been in a catholic seminary for 6 years. I spent a great deal of my teenage life in the happy community life of seminary. And I love being a Christian, I really do, but I also love …

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  • Facepalm Deal With Shit

    The Best Way to Deal with Sh*t in our Lives

    In this journey I started last 2012, the journey of going deeper and inwards to myself has led me to so many big life changes. I could write and preach endlesslesly of the great lessons and insights I have learned, but it would more awesome …

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  • insomnia life energy

    Top Cause of Insomnia – Awesome Discoveries

    So it has been quite a journey to my self-health freedom – where one totally takes full responsibility of our health. One of the challenges is to really learn and re-learn so many ideas and principles. One of which is this eureka moment when I …

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  • Maleta Short Film3

    Maleta – A Short Film by Hanz Florentino

      “Maleta” is short drama on a father and son’s journey to freedom.

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  • Get What You Want

    How to Change What You Don’t Want (And Get Everything You Want)

    “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Honestly, these is one the life principles that took me some time to see it really happen. This magical secret has been shared by one of my great teachers Dr. …

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  • muni cebu hohol changemakers

    Cebu Changemakers in Muni Hohol

    What happens when you put in one room all CHANGEMAKERS in CEBU??? from Organic Farm Enthusiasts, Eco-Tourism Adventurers, Indigenous Artisans, Essence Based Marketers, to UpCycled DIY Hobbyists – a NEW future is created!!! Amazing turnout at September 6’s Muni PH HOHOL in Cebu! Cheers to …

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  • IStock 000005724729Small

    How to Make Your Dream God’s Dreams

    We at the Studio Inspiro are now done with the first part of shooting our short film entitled “Augustino“. It’s a wonderful story of a boy named Augustino who wrote 7 crazy dreams and how he prayed for them to Sto Nino. And the movie …

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  • Parentinitis

    Parentinitis – Check If Your Parents Have This Too

    At a certain point in my life – I obviously felt and experienced this “motivation” from my parents. It was painful of course, I would go on a self-induced grounding for days! But I didn’t understand it back then. Why? But now that I know …

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  • Cebu Broadway

    Imagine BROADWAY in CEBU (A Dream)

    Let me share to you a simple dream… Cebu will have our own Broadway. Not just really Broadway, but something like an ARTIST STREET! Let me share it this way… Imagine a home where artists can present pure raw talent, that which they have practiced …

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  • Success Patterns Habits

    10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Form Habits – Success Patterns

    Its 6:00 in the morning and I just finished my morning rituals. Rang the gong, chanted in the mountains, sacrificed and burned a goat for offering. Just kidding! Ha! Finally, it’s now a habit of mine to wake up before 5:00 and do my morning …

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  • Speak Same Language

    Your Language Determines Your Reality

    It’s funny how I was able to train myself to “categorize” people according to their choice of words. Oh, it’s not about judging them – defensive eh? (Please don’t judge me! Haha) It’s basically identifying what their status is and how I can best communicate …

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