Daily Abundance – Money in One Day Before Deadline

Deadline Abundance

Daily Abundance – Money in One Day Before Deadline


Since last week, my parents have been bugging me indirectly! (The ultimate parent strategy!) that we need to get renew the registration of our car which happens to be the all around service provider for everything that we do. And it’s  almost due!

My mom asked me about it. And boom, I began to feel that same feeling I usually have a year ago when we talk about money problems – contracted, headache, sleepy, noisy, wanting to fly off a tree. It’s the month’s end, and all the budget is fixed, and my big savings spent early this month to finally wipe all my debts – clean slate!

But this time, with a little push, and the will inside, I simple said, “Okay!” and literally let it go! (Tune from the overly repeated snowy disney movie!)

I never thought about it, and was around 90% confident it will be okay. This was one of the times though that I am 100% dettached to the situation!

Just yesterday, one project that was still in the production stage (my editing service will come in post only) was paid in advance – full.

My mom is vibrant, we get to have a great salad dinner with Dabby last night, bought some shirts (finally!) and bags (Disclaimer: To replace the broken ones of Dabby), and was able to keep some aside.


Live in Love,


About Daily Abundance:
Since I have shifted career around 5 years ago, I have been on a journey with Abundance. At some time, I felt I was rich, but it was short lived (long story). And so I realized that to become truly abundant I should not follow the way society and culture speaks about abundance.So here this is my diary, or chronicles, as I try to learn, unlearn, and relearn true abundance based on trust, surrender, allowing, detachment, and heart.



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