Greatness: My Resignation Story

Living on the edge

Greatness: My Resignation Story

Living on the edge

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Up to this very moment I cannot comprehend the “awesomeness” of everything that has happened in the past 7 days and what will happen in the next.  September 3, just another ordinary Thursday, in the middle of work, I stood up went to the computer, typed, printed, went to the sales office and submitted my resignation letter.
Everybody in the office laughed very hard and thought it was a joke. I laughed too. Hahahaha. But it was not. So they asked me to sit down, and challenged me, “Give us 10 reasons why you will resign!”And so, I told them the 10 reasons.

But before that, let me tell you about me. I am 22 years old and I supervise one whole floor in one of the biggest department stores in the city. I man 104 personnel, managed 2 of the major departments, 1 minor department, and 1 coffee shop. For the past 10 months with them, I have improved the sales, reduced costumer complaints, boosted everybody’s morale, has a wonderful career plan ahead of me and is earning higher than call center agent team leaders. So why on mars am I resigning???

And so I told these 10 reasons to the two managers in the office, the secretary, and to one of my co-supervisor.

1. It is possible.

Yes it is possible to succeed without having a regular day job. It is possible to be wealthy without having to work your ass out for 8 hours in a company. In fact, I have known lots of people who are very successful and they don’t live from paycheck to paycheck. And it is indeed possible, than every one of us can control, dictate his future, and can write his own life story.

2. I hate useless routine.

I cannot see myself doing something over and over again everyday for the rest of my life especially those that I do not love. This is why I hate reports, and do all the monitoring. I feel like I was not born to do those kind of things! So what I did was to train and automate most of the reports asked from me and delegate it to my team. I often ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” And if I can’t get any good answer, I don’t care.

3. I don’t want to be an employee anymore.

Running to work because I am already late is an insult to me. I really feel degraded knowing that I am a slave to the punch card. It controls me. Every cell on my body was clamoring that I am not destined to be an employee and to follow orders, and to work for someone else to get rich. I want to work for someone so that we both get rich.

4. I want to get paid based on my results.

If I work for 8 hours, I still get paid for 8 hours. If I work for 4 hours and sleep for 4 hours, I still get paid for the same 8 hours. And I will be stuck for that routine for months, or even years until I get my next increase. So would it be good and justifiable if I get paid based on my results? Law of the harvest:  You reap what you sow. Sow small, reap small. Sow big, reap big.

5. I love to work for myself rather than on my job.

I have a secret to tell you, for the past 2 years and 5 months on that job, never did I worked for that company, I worked for myself. I worked harder on myself that’s why my performance improved, my departments improved, and everybody improved. That’s why I took all the challenges, worked on all the problems, and I got bigger and bigger to the point that the company can’t contain me anymore.

6. I want to bring my family to the next level. All throughout my life, my family has been living in the safe side. There’s always someone whom we can cling on to and ask for help. The result: a nail and sleeping potentials. We are stuck in the same state for the past 22 years, the same financial cycle and worrying the same problems year after year. No directions. I know they have the potentials, but I cannot pull or push our family up all alone. My parents cannot get out of their shells because they still have a reason not to. I only have two choices, continue giving them monthly from my salary and be in the same stucked up cycle or give it all up, bring our family down to with-no-choice-left-nothing-to-lose state and strive together, work on everything we’ve got and bring the whole family to the next level. I chose the latter.

7. Take risks and live on the edge.

For some, what I did was stupid and fearful. But I won’t be afraid anymore because I have nothing to lose. I have found out that when people are on the edge, to their limits, that’s when their very best shines bright. The Beatles, Abraham Lincoln, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Bo Sanchez, Ninoy Aquino, Henry Sy, and Bill Gates just to name a few. As the song goes, “If you’ll never try, you’ll never know just what you’re worth.”

8. Greater and bigger opportunities wait.

I always believe that opportunities are everywhere. There’s an ocean of them shouting at us to pick them up.  But I have developed the skill to attract them. And I have also created a wall from them.  For the past few months I have found them in the clasps of my hands but I have to let them go because of my job.  This time, I will be diving right into them.

9. I want to be the best motivational speaker.

“But hanz, I haven’t even heard you speak!” That’s why!
“But you don’t have enough experiences yet!” That’s why!
“But you’re not that even good at it” That’s why!
Ask me what will I do if this is my last day on earth.  “What?” Speak in front of thousands of people and share to them how to live their lives as if it is their last day on earth.

1o. I want to create a name for myself.

If I stay there 10 years from now the only people who will remember me are my employees. Say a thousand people. Not bad. But why not 2,000, or 5,000 or maybe 10,000 perhaps. Why not? I want to create a significance to my life, and to the life of others. I want to leave a mark to people and to the world. Ambitious! So what? We are all created to become big, and there’s no reason for us not to become big. I have only one life, and I don’t want to die it like a shadow that passes by and no one notices it, sees it, and feels it. We create our lives. We write our story. And I want to give the best out of it!

That’s it.

After that, I looked at everyone in the office and they looked at me. Some smiled, one shook his head, and everybody was silent. A  long silence.

Greatness…Here I come.



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