I Regularly Go On Depression – Why you should too!

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I Regularly Go On Depression – Why you should too!

I call it a “dip.”

Others call it depression and it sounds scary, so I call it “dip”

Short. Cool.

Later you’ll know why I call it “dips”

I know one might hear this countless of times “Life is a series of ups and downs”.

At first, my understanding is quite literal. You feel good, you feel bad, you get successful, sometimes you fail. It happens to me all the time.

And I want to know why?

Can I not be high – on the streak – at times?

So I did my homework, I researched on self-help books and blogs just to find that answer – How to keep my high? How to keep the momentum and really get it going?

The answers were a lot!

Do this, do that, keep it all a balanced, meditate, and all.

Of course, I followed, but still there were those dips.

F**K ups, mess ups. Out of nowhere. Family, friends, work, projects, and people.

And I’ll just be so down. Lost.

I’d be so burnt out. Stressed.

I’d just be surfing the net instead of working.

I’d stare at my video editing work station, and start watching a movie instead.

I’d be having junk foods in my secret hiding place inside my secret black backpack behind the secret pink sports bag.

These can go on for a week. And for some freaky reasons (obviously because of the law of attraction, duh!) I’d get no projects, and I’d be so unproductive.

And the crazy thing was, there were even days that I’m on my high and I’d just say to myself, “Oh my, I’ll soon be getting a dip one of this days.”

So this routine happened over and over for a few years. To the point that every depression I’d be angry at myself, and really be mad at me.

But then something happened.

I realized I was becoming so aware of my state. I was so keen to where I am at a certain point, either high or low.

And I was honest to myself.

“Ohhhhh… so.. I am in depression now.”

Then another thing happened.

Something changed in my depressions – it became shorter, and easier.

“How? What did I do? What happened?”

I realized that I was getting used to it, and by getting used to it, I allow it to happen.

Like, there was one time, probably a familiar scene for must of us creative entrepreneurs, a client for the nth time was running away again with all their excuses after running all-nighters because of their crazy deadline. (They’re pay is good though, but freaking always late) Topped with my back logs waiting, I was just burnt out. So instead of fighting it, like I usually do, I simply allowed it.

I stayed in bed. Awake. I just stayed there.

Listened to relax music.

3 hours later. I was still there.

Suddenly I got a text from a total stranger, asking for a quotation for a project. I got up, we exchanged text, and slowly it got me going.

It was still a long dry day, but hey, I got up and got things done.

And lately, around last year, I finally understand the powerful affirmation “everything is perfect”.

Everything is perfect.

Yes, everything is perfect.

It is not from the point of the physical “everything” to be perfect, it’s on the perception of that everything – perfection comes from us.

Perfection comes from myself.

I realized I need those depression – those moments of contraction – for me to expand.

Inhale. Exhale.

Contract. Expand.

That’s the law of nature.

It’s a cycle.

The down moments launches me. Pushes me on. These are the times I would learn a lot.

My life’s greatest lessons on trusting people, standing up for what is right, business strategy lessons, dealing with family troubles – these lessons come from life’s dips!

They don’t pop when I’m on life’s high positive streak!

That’s impossible.

And also a really great thing about this, is you will anticipate the dip’s coming.

“Yes, I’m on high now, and the dip is waiting around the corner.”

And when the dip comes,  “Ah okay, you’re here, welcome to my life.”

And it that is just perfect.

Plus, another great thing you will notice that on other people too. You will know who is going on a dip and you will respect that person – your boss, your mom, your girlfriend, your partner. And that’s okay, it’s perfect! Allow it to happen on them, don’t fight them because they have it.

So the next time you are depressed stay there. Be aware of it. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Allow it. And slowly it will disappear.

Don’t fight it. If you fight it, deny it, analyze it, overthink it, try your best to solve and get out of it, you will be stuck there. Because your perception – you belief – your idea – of that moment is it’s something bad you have to get out of it fast! And if you think that way, you’re whole world will shrink because you think it’s bad, or worse this is God’s punishment!

So the universe will give it to you as punishment.

So friends, if you are depressed – allow.

And slowly, those depressions will become “dips”.

Like dipping in a bowl of creamy chocolates!

Remember, “perfection perception”

“Everything is perfect”

“All iz well!”


Live in love,



Lastly, there’s this really cool video about depression I found while writing this. And to my surprise, we speak the same truth!




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