How I Honor All Who Died In Yolanda

Yolanda Tacloban Victims

How I Honor All Who Died In Yolanda

This will be short.

As you read this, let’s share a moment to remember all those who have died running to safety, holding on to their dear lives, drowning in fear and water, those whom we will not see anymore, those whose dreams will remain a whisper, those who were not ready, and for all who have transitioned into a better place.

I am making this personal promise that your death will not be in vain by waking up to the reality – to this great opportunity in Philippine history, this great moment to finally START DOING THINGS RIGHT – as an individual, as a community, and as a nation.

That starting today I will share my talents and gifts in communication be it on videos, and simple posts like this, to educate more people on SUSTAINABILITY.


1. Me and my family will learn how to grow our own food in our backyard

2. I will double my effort to support and promote Fair Trade for it is only through this that we can empower our farmers, fisher folks, and community. Bringing the industry away from the zombie spawning corporate world back to the nature-driven rural states.

3. Through facilitating Inner Dance – an energy healing modality – I can share to people that disasters like this make us look deeper into ourselves by helping us see that only through chaos can we rise up from our old selves.

4. This is an exciting one: make an a typhoon and earthquake proof earthbag house!

All of you who are reading this, will be witnesses of this promise. And that I will be documenting this journey to here in my website and at the Maharlika Nation.

Live in love,


PS. These insights were challenged to me by our teacher Nicanor Perlas who greatly inspired me 3 months ago to “commit” my life in creating the imaginal nation.

PS. 2. How about you? How will you honor the 5,000+ who have died during Yolanda?



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