How to Start a Business – Ask Hanz

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How to Start a Business – Ask Hanz

An attendee of one of my seminars in school sent me a question in Facebook, and I’m pretty much proud for it seems that my message has struck them quite good.


Lhee Anne is just a student, and now, she’s convinced to start her own business!!! I’m pretty sure, most of the people are wanting to know the answer on this, so I’m putting it here on “ASK HANZ!”

“I would like to ask lng sana f how to start a business?”

When speaking about business, I am an advocate of “passion based business“. That means, business that is founded in YOUR passion. Some businesses, however, are founded based on opportunity. 

Say, you are good at cooking and you have enough capital to start a business, then you see that there is an opportunity available in your town wherein there are only two parlors, so you go dive in an invest on your parlor. And yes, because its an opportunity, the parlor is doing great. However, 5 years after, you begin to feel “tired”. Why? It is not you! It has become more of a “work” running it.

However, if you started on a small business on cooking, which is your passion, and should I say – your true love. Whatever happens, no matter how loooong it would take, no matter how big the challenges are, how hard the way is, you will stand up with it because it is your passion – your business will define WHO YOU ARE!

Even more, because it is your love – even to the point of dying for your business – you will do what it takes no matter what for it to succeed. You will exert effort to make it bigger, to expand, and to tap the right people and resources to make it even grow.

See the flow, in our example, if you are good at cooking why keep it for yourself? If you make awesome dishes, why not let your recipe cross barriers even to different places all over the globe?

I remember one famous line of the famous artist and entrepreneur Jay-Z who said, “I am not a businessman, I am the business, man!”

See the difference?

To make it even more easier, when you start a business, ask this question, “Is this something I want to do for the rest of my life?”

“But Hanz, I have a business, it may not be my passion, but the opportunity is good and I am earning now, but yes, I know this is not something I want to do for the rest of my life, what will I do!?”

That’s easy, I have this personal philosophy:

“If others are better than you, let them do it!”

You don’t have to work on your business, ask someone else better than you, someone who’s passion and love is your current business!

Just become the investor, or a partner. Isn’t that cool to have now semi-passive income?

Bottomline is, go for your core gift your passion!

Ever wonder why God has given that gift – that passion to you?

And won’t it be more amazing, if you are earning from it!?


Ps. Now, I know most of you, the question would probably be, “How will I know my passion?”

This might help you – FIRE: Discover Your Passion + Find Your Why Workbook

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