I Have Been Through This When I Quit

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I Have Been Through This When I Quit

Many people continue to ask me, “Hey Hanz, how did you do it? How were you able to hit it through? Quit your job and here you are!”

And then I would really try to explain that I did this and I did that, but the truth is…”It was one BIG FREAKIN’ NERVOUS FUN RIDE”

And I would like to stress on that “nervous” part.

You see, a few months after I quit, did you really think that it was perfect boom going straight fly high success?

NO! Absolutely no!

I got binge eating on opportunities without really hitting big results. To the point of really breaking down, and the idea of “applying for a job” teased me over and over again.

But there are two things I did.

One was I moved on. I continued on the journey. I continued to hustle, continued to fight the doubt, the worry, and especially the attachment to results.

Then finally, I’m here.

I’m not yet there. But I AM MOVING!

Happily and more purposeful! And the rewards are sweet!

And the second thing that happened to me, will be on a “reward video” below.

This reward is for people who are like me before:

1. Wanting to quit their job
2. Doubted if they will ever survive and succeed
3. Tired of Holding on to their jobs
4. Lost in their first few months of being free

This video was made by Marianne Cantwell of Free Range Humans. One of the amazing blogs on creating life-style designs for the new entrepreneurs, like us!

Here’s the video



Feel free to connect with me anytime on facebook/hanzflorentino.Drop a comment below, I would love to know what you can say about this.

Love, Love, and more Love,

PS. Im starting a new movement the CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS – the home where we build business with your God-given talents from arts, writing, painting, drawing, performing arts, photography, video and many more!



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