I Was Completely Wrong About Passion


I Was Completely Wrong About Passion

I have a confession to make.

I have been teaching the wrong idea about passion.

To everyone who has read my blog or listened to me talk before about “discover your passion” and how badly we all should “look for it” because it is something that we have lost all these time –

To everyone, who because of me, believed that passion is equivalent to one’s talent – to ones core gift – and digged all out their past lives finding that one core gift –

I’m sorry, I kinda took you to a long cut.

The long cut means:

“But Hanz, if I have to go look for my talent – my core gift – to start with, I don’t even know what my talent is, much more, do I have one?”

All this time, this response ranks no.1

Looking at all these, searching for the lost talent feels like we are only looking for something that is tangible – superficial. That’s why for most people, looking for ones talent or core gift always ends up to be so frustrating because they feel that they don’t have one, and if they do, it still needs a lot of work to be even called a talent.

Didn’t you notice, talent in our modern society needs to have the feedback of other people for it to be called a talent? Yes, you can sing, but only when other people tell you that you are good enough then you can say to yourself that you have the talent. Plus, it’s only when other people call you “talented” that you label yourself as talented regardless of your ability to sing, right?

Something’s not right, right?

There’s a blockage somewhere!

It was through this chain of thought that lead to me think, how about we go beyond talent and dig much deeper. What is behind the talent?

In my case, my passion is filmmaking, and I can also say that now my talent is filmmaking. However, to be honest, I was not a born filmmaker. I didn’t have filmmaking as a talent, not until I started filmmaking as a full time job last 2012!! That’s true! Being a filmmaker was never my ambition when I was young!

So how, when, and why did my passion came into the picture?

It was only then I realized that ever since I was a child, I already have the passion to create. I create my own toys, I create drawings, I create music, tunes, and melody, I create my own stories – I simply love and feel good when I’m creating. And that passion to create came into the form of filmmaking!

Are you getting this?

I guess not.

Let’s simplify.

When you ask the dictionary, passion is a “strong feeling”.

And that my friends, is the ultimate secret word about passion – it’s feeling.

Your passion is something you strongly feel good about doing!

Doing “it” feels so good, that you feel that you are not doing anything at all. You are just “being!

Doing “it” feels so good, that you will feel as if time does not exist.

Doing “it” feels so good, that everything just falls into place.

Doing “it” feels so good, that you are sure that no matter what happens you know deep in your heart that it will always work out.

Doing “it” brings you in the zone, that creative moment!


Doing “it” feels so good, that you feel that you are not doing anything at all. You are just “being!”

And in my case, that “it” is what I love to do most – I make films, I take photographs, I write stories – and doing all these are the ones that keep me alive!

Are you getting it now? Almost?

For most of my career as a filmmaker, I have been working with a lot of NGO’s and social workers. One time, I met this guy who was teaching dance lessons to young orphan girls, and boy was he “talented”. But, that was not his job, he was the director of the institute!

You get it now, right?

My mother has been running her packed meals business, Cebu Packed Lunch,  for some years now. And to most of my circle knows that she cooks really good. But she is no chef, she didn’t go to any culinary school except some workshops and mentors she even started it seriously when she was in her late 40’s. However, I noticed even when we were young that my mom already has the passion to her family happy through food.

Now you get it!

Finding ones passion is about feeling good. Not about the talent. It’s just that, most of the time this passion come into the form of your skill or your talent and you feel good doing it – but it doesn’t have to be that. I know a lot of talented people who’s totally good at certain skills but doesnt feel good doing them!

“Okay so Hanz, the way I understand it, for me to be successful, I should go do things that feels good for me even though it is not my talent?”

YES!! Would you be successful If you don’t feel good doing it?

It a lot easier, and it’s a whole lot in flow, if one seeks for that which feels good, rather than forcing yourself to do something because society says it’s your talent.

Yes, its not about the talent – you can skip that portion of looking for the core gift – and go ask yourself, what is something you do that just feels so good that you completely forget about time, that you are aligned to God – to the Universe – that everything falls in place, and that you actually stop the doing and is just in the being!

Living in Love,


PS. Tell me what you think, put it in the comments. If you felt like wasting years of your life “seeking for your talent” and it’s all because of me – comment it in! hehe No, really, my bad – we all journey, everyday we learn and unlearn.

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