Imagine BROADWAY in CEBU (A Dream)

Cebu Broadway

Imagine BROADWAY in CEBU (A Dream)

Let me share to you a simple dream…

Cebu will have our own Broadway.

Not just really Broadway, but something like an ARTIST STREET!

Let me share it this way…

Imagine a home where artists can present pure raw talent, that which they have practiced and rehearsed day and night, out of pure love of the art.

Not because this big producer will give the artists a bigger share of profits, or because the manager booked this gig, but because artists love what they are doing. You as an artists get into the story. You become the story. And you want to take part of it because you believed that this story must be brought out to the world.

Imagine a place where being an artist is a profession – a career. 

If people can only give monetary value to every sweat in every dance rehearsals, every time we say no to eating chocolates because it ruins our voice, every 2:00 in the morning equalizing the recorded tracks, every stolen naps waiting for the rendering of our videos, every paint, every stroke, every note, every creative idea of an amazing story-line while taking a shower – that is priceless.

Imagine a place where bargaining of our talent fee is non-existent because people will finally understand that our craft is not just a skill, its a part of us – our humanity – that we are offering to them.

Imagine bigger productions of groups of artist from different fields, from literature, arts, theater, songs, video, photo, make up, fashion, architecture, graphics and media ceasing to strive to be on top of each other, and realizing that after all we are under one banner – Cebuano Art.

And saying to their fellow artists, “Yes, I dream to be on top of my craft, to be the number one, but its super duper awesome to have YOU with me!”

Imagine the end of going after national celebrities, and screaming over their smiles. We all have them here in our own place in Cebu!

When people will finally realize that they don’t have to go to Manila, and “sikat” people does not have to come from Manila. Damn, who ever invented that you have to be “sikat” to be an artist!?? And all will realize that being famous is merely a by product – an indirect result – of ones consistency in developing and nurturing his craft.

Imagine watching gigs of your friends, people you live with, you share stories with, you breathe with.

Wouldn’t you be proud of that? Would you not share their videos? their recordings? their arts? their photos? their videos? And watch their every concert, gig, exhibit? Than big shot over commercialize celebrities?

Imagine the end of having “idols” but now having “artist friends”?

Idols are one way relationships, one side says “I drool over you”, while the other says “I don’t know you, but its okay I make money.” A time will come that one side will say on facebook, “You know what, your song literally moved me, so I’m buying your single on iTunes, and will be watching your gig later!”. And then the other side response, “I’m so humbled, you really rock! Now, I’m even more inspired to write more awesome songs, thanks! Yes, see you later at gig!” 

Imagine the end of people watching movies and telenovelas that play around the same old plots and stories of rich and poor, of adultery and sex, and violence and dumb police.

And they will begin to understand that plays, concerts, orchestras, and performances by Cebuano talents is a higher form of entertainment – and everyone deserves that.

Imagine the time when fans will support artists not because they are cool, but because fans VALUE artists – and in turn, they get VALUE from their craft.

The song gave them hope, the play opened up their mind to new possibilities, the painting moved them to explore their own talent, the photograph made them call their parents and say I love You, the music from the orchestra made them forget all their worries, the dance made them realize that life is worth celebrating! Question: Do you get these from watching TV shows and movies?

Imagine this Broadway will be the next mall – the next cinema – the next tourist spot.

When it will become a part of our culture to invite every guest, foreign or domestic or balikbayan, and tell them, “Hey, you should not miss the play tonight!” And again you bring them even though you have watched the play for seven times already. When every child riding the jeep can hum the melody of the finale of the musicale. When watching a play has become part of our weekly night outs and family gathering. When going to exhibits could be one of the most romantic dates that could ever happen.

When all these happens – Cebu will be on the next level.

Economic wise, tourism wise, pride wise, income wise, entertainment wise – everyone is happy.

And finally the big question, “Hanz, Why Cebu?”

Cebu is the heart – the center of the Philippines.


Will you make be part of making it happen?


Live in Love,



PS. If you want to take part, experience what I’m talking about by watching this play tomorrow – Facebooked. (Very timely!)


Pure Cebuano Talent that will blow you away. Dislike me if you it wont! =D see you!

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Ps. 3 – The birth of the new ARTIST CREATIVE INDUSTRY is here!





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