How I Also Learned Hiten Mitsurugi with Kenshin Himura

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How I Also Learned Hiten Mitsurugi with Kenshin Himura

Yes, I’m late, in watching the last installment of Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends. I have tons of excuses for not being on time, but, the Universe indeed has some great plans waiting for me.

Why? The message just came in at the right place, and at the right time!


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So I just found myself to be having the time of my life – IN FILM SCHOOL – for FREE! Yep, we won this awesome scholarship for the comedy short film we made last year, Dream on Bai. Have fun watching it here. And so my life took a drastic 360 degree turn.

Now in film school, things are pretty demanding. And keeping up with it means I have to let go of work and project. Which puts me in a very “interesting” financial situation. And it’s really disturbing.

“How? How? How? How? How? How? When? What? How? How? How?” has been my mantra for days. Then boom, I landed in watching a really good epic of a film, “Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends”


So Kenshin, the legendary samurai assassin, simply cannot defeat the monster villain Shishio. Why oh why? With all his might, his skills, his experience, he simply cannot pull it off and beat someone who is in fact his junior.

In a fortunate turn of events, Kenshin found himself in the hands of his former Master, Hiko Seijuro, and begged him to teach the last sword technique, Hiten Mitsurugi. But then his master wont because simply Kenshin can’t.


Following a long grand speech from his master, in the most practical terms, let me summarize it in one word, MISALIGNED. You see, Kenshin wants to defeat Shishio but deep inside he can’t, because he wont, his mantra in the last years was never to kill again.

Kenshin has not made up his mind.

Okay, it’s kinda tricky how Kenshin ended up there but it all built up from layers and layers of guilt, feeling worthless, lacking life purpose, and his final loss of willingness to live – which was brilliantly repeated throughout the film. The perfect example of SUBTEXT! (Filmgeek level 8)

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And then that hit home: the willingness to live. And it’s really to LIVE not just to survive, be alive. Kenshin lost that. He is misaligned. You have this great intention but deep inside you don’t want it. He wanted to win, but deep inside his thinking, his deep recollection is he does not want it – he is simply afraid.

Which is my current murmurs in life! Hahaha!

“I am afraid”

Afraid of not making it, afraid of losing, afraid of failing, afraid of not surviving, and afraid of not reaching my dreams. Fear all over! So externally, the world sees it as something like I am reaching for my dreams,ta daaaa! But walking off from school I go, “How? How? How? How? How? How? When? What? How? How? How?”

And just like Kenshin, “damn, I have to make up my mind!”


Live in love,


PS. Funny, I used to know about this like ages ago. I know, I have to be aligned. I know I have to fix and straighten my mind, fix my intention, set up my real intention deep inside. But ahhhh… LIFE! I LOVE YOU!!!



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