Meditation for Beginners – 18 Things You Need to Know

meditation for beginners

Meditation for Beginners – 18 Things You Need to Know

It’s 2016!
And it’s my first post of the year!

And it’s really timely to start it off with the my own best way of starting my day – meditation.

Last Sunday, we were invited to a special lecture “Meditation for Beginners – Simple and Practical Guide” by Michelle Simtoco, the Ripplemaker. Though Gail and I have been meditating for years already, we grabbed the opportunity to just hang out with more like-hearted people, and I’m sure, there’s always something more to learn out there!

And as what Dr. Roselmo Doval Santos, the speaker shared,

“What enriches me in my search for truth, I share with you.” Now, I’m doing just so to you.

So I’m sharing you my “Creatively” done notes.

Meditation – The Beginning

Why Meditation

1. Meditation is practiced in all religions, just in different forms. Like Christianity and catholicism, the rosary is a kind of meditation.

2. Mantra’s like “OM” – the all encompassing cosmic vibration – are words being said as the center of focus. Surprisingly, catholic saint, St. Therese of Avila’s has her own mantra as well! Her mantra is “Jesus”

3. Personally, the exact definition for meditation for me is found in the Bible when God said to Moses, “Be still and know that I am God”

4. In meditation always begin with “why?” Why am I doing this meditation? What is my goal? My motive? Many people do meditation – for healing, for finding peace, or simply their form of prayer. For me, my motive is to control my mind. I’ve been programmed in my childhood to be an academic achiever and my mind has become such a noisy analytical machine making me such a left-brained pessimistic artist. Not a good combination. Good thing meditation saved me.

5. Meditation is the key that opens the light within each one of us.

6. I was really struck when Dr. Santos said. “The mind is the killer of reality.” Based on my life – True! To the point that too much thinking really brings me too much worry!

How to Make Your Own Meditation

Meditation Techniques

7. Find your own sacred spot during meditation.

8. Recreate the mood to entice your senses – what you hear with environmental sounds or even music; what you smell, perhaps add some incense here and there; what you feel, and what you see.

9. It’s best to meditate during sunrise, high noon, and sunset. Something to do with cosmic alignment thingy. But avoid meditating midnight and up – it’s the time when negative energies come up.

10. Breathing is important. First, never mind the type of breathing just breathe in a gentle cadence, be like the wave, up and down, and up and down.

11. It’s about focus. Control the monkey brain that jumps from thought to thought.

12. 10 minutes is a good start.

13. Focus on your breathing. How you in hale and exhale.

14. If the mind wanders, its okay. Don’t pressure yourself. And simply come back. Doing this more often will automatically make you focus longer.

15. As you meditate you learn to detach, that is purification – or I often call it simplification.

16. Expect no results. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it’s difficult or distracting. Detach. Detach. Let go. The benefits are subtle but effective.

17. Meditation is union. Union with the divine whatever religion you are in, “truth is opened with many doors”

Bonus: The 7 Types of Meditation

7 types of people and meditation

18. We are all different and unique in character. We all could fall in one of these many personalities: leader, teacher, philosopher, artist, scientist, devotee, and ceremonialist. Take a good look at their description and symbols.

This means, that as we meditate, meditate the way your personality is. A leader personality don’t have to meditate like ceremonialists do with a 3-hour ritual. In short, it’s all about you.

At the end of the day, meditation is a personal thing. There are no fast and hard rules – have your own music, your style, your own rituals – so long as we learn how to simply “be” and find that union with your divine, with your source.

Friends, Give it a shot! If you have questions, you can always comment in!

Meditate and be!

Live in love,



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