Most – Top Inspirational Movie

Most – Top Inspirational Movie

Last time, I shared to you why I don’t watch TV anymore.
But instead, a born-movie-lover, i usually spend time searching for movies that “MOVE – I “
And today, I’ll be sharing one to you.

What I usually do when I watch movies, is that I try to pick the themes and striking points it has to share.

How about we do it together. You pick-out one power lesson, thought or insight that struck you, and post in on the comments.

Let’s share.

And I tell you, this 30-minute movie worth more than the 12 hours of TV shows.

No one answered.

No one heard.

No one even looked.

Not one of them seemed to care.

And then, as suddenly as it had happened, it was over.

– – – – – –

This movie reminded me a lot of things.

My priorities.

My relationships.

Coffee in the morning.


And of course, God and His Son.

How about you?

See you at the top,




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