My 2013 Gift to You

Hanz Florentino Prophecy Gift 2013

My 2013 Gift to You

Note: Of the 7 billion people in the world, ff you are reading this, then this gift is specifically made for you receive it.

If this was shared from someone, be grateful to that person, I’m pretty sure you are very special.

The last quarter of my 2012 has really been set on practicing and mastering this craft. A universal technique that can enhance every aspect of your life, transferred from generations to generations, translated in different stories from the bible to the “How I Met Your Mother”, spanning development across relationships, spirituality, health, intelligence, and yes even financial aspects. Do this and you will see significant exponential growth.

I tell you, you will see your life so clearly, clearer than any HD TV! Clearer than LED, Blu-ray, or even IMAX!

(Okay, that sounds too corny, but yeah, it will be very clear!)

Imagine living your everyday with a sense of purpose. As the day unfolds every decision you make will come in breeze and confidence. And as you lay down at night in bed – one word to sum it up – fulfilled.

Use this gift and I prophesize in you:

FREEDOM. It’s time to get out of your wifi zone. Where’s there’s no signal and everything is unknown. You will be free. You will have all confidence. You will stop caring what other people will say about you. You will stop caring about what’s happening with other people’s lives. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

ABUNDANCE. Every day you walk in life just saying, “Thank You, Thank You!”. Blessings, graces, opportunities, coincidences, and even money will just sprang out of unknown of where they come from. All you have to do is to receive. Your mind is now purely tuned to just receive and receive.

MAGIC. You will experience things wonderfully orchestrated by God that will lead you to where He wants you to be – and later you smile cause that’s where you want to be! Prayers will now be answered, the right partner will stand in front of you, the best career will flourish before you, the best business will be truly effortless for you, and the happiest families right by your embrace.

MEANING. You will discover what God wants you to be. And you live each day using the talents, skills, the personality, the past (best or worst of it), the experiences, and your story to bless so many people, and yes even earn from it! And yes, you will be proud to tell your life story – your gospel – to every person you meet!

Friends, here it is.

“Everything in the universe, in this world, in this life, as in everything (really!) came from only two things: Love and Fear. The secret is, in everything you do, choose LOVE.”

In deciding for your career: quitting, promotion, redirection, change, firing…

“Shall I do this because of fear or because of love?”

Friend, choose love.

In deciding for yourself: following your dreams, obligations, priorities, choosing your friends, adventures, commitments, playing, doing art, doing your passion…

“Shall I do this because of fear or because of love?”

Friend, choose love.

In deciding for your relationships: saying yes or no, forgiveness, waiting for return, commitments, go on a date, friendzoning, break up, make up…

“Shall I do this because of fear or because of love?”

Friend, choose love.

In deciding for your family: going abroad, family decisions, scolding, words you are to say, investments, setting up rules, family dates, scheduling…

“Shall I do this because of fear or because of love?”

Friend, choose love.

In deciding for you health: going to the gym, changing diet, new lifestyle, going for a jogging, healing, trying new things like yoga…

“Shall I do this because of fear or because of love?”

Friend, choose love.

And so many more…

In everything you do, choose love.

Friends, let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, you had enough.

You had enough troubles, failures, and challenges.

You had enough tears and pain.

It’s time.

It’s your time.

It’s our time.


Live in love,



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