My Biggest Worry this 2013

biggest worry

My Biggest Worry this 2013

You may wonder that there has been a big gap stories. Imagine for the whole 2013 I was only able to write at least 10 or so blog posts or articles.


What happened?

Where was I?

For most part I was journeying with Studio Inspiro – our light worker video production company.

I too was so worried on how am I going to tell my story. But what I didn’t know was what that there’s a bigger underlying fear I chose not to shrug away:

How will people react to what I will be saying?
What will they think of me?
Who will even care to read my story?
What will be my business model in this?
(You see my old website has a built-in business model, where I offer my self development insights and lessons for free and later people will get my training services, buy my book, get my consultancy etc.)

All in all, I didn’t know how will I make money!!!

There’s no money in energy work!
There’s no money in healing!
There’s no money in natural wellness!
There’s no money in giving people information on how they can fully drive and be in control of their lives!
There’s no money in guiding people to be awakened!
There’s no money in saving the planet!

For the past months, all I have been doing are these initiatives and there’s no money involved.

Only lately I became aware of how things began to fall in place (as it always does!) Simply when I asked this question:

All these time, doing videos for almost free, and spending so much time in initiatives, and really choked my income, I scream to the UNIVERSE: WHY AM I STILL HERE?????

Why am I still sustainable?
Where do all these opportunities and projects and chance meetings and partnerships that opens to other possibilities come from?
who’s doing all these?

That’s when I begin to SEE the bigger picture.

If this UNIVERSE is giving me all these support in my mission work? Why will I still worry about money?

When I said that to myself – bom – that’s when bigger things started to happen!

Projects, connections, initiatives, the right people, the right solution – totally!

All these happened when money was completely out of the picture! It was not about money anymore, it was about sustainability! And the happenings totally affirmed that the universe – that God – the Force – is in full support of what I am doing!

I don’t know, if I made sense this time around. But don’t think about this – feel this, and then a deeper or inner sense of “sense” will arrive.

Live in Love,



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