Parentinitis – Check If Your Parents Have This Too


Parentinitis – Check If Your Parents Have This Too

At a certain point in my life – I obviously felt and experienced this “motivation” from my parents. It was painful of course, I would go on a self-induced grounding for days! But I didn’t understand it back then.


But now that I know the answer, I would just laugh at those days. And to be honest, even if they still this way right now. Chill.

What am I talking about?


You see, our parents get too attached of their function as parents that they tend make us do things that don’t sound right for us. This happens when this unconscious motivation is the underlying thought that lay in their minds.

Read carefully:

I wan’t you to achieve what I never achieved.
I wan’t you to be somebody in the eyes of the world, so that I too can be somebody through you.
Don’t disappoint me. I sacrificed so much for you.
My disapproval of you is intended to make you feel so guilty and uncomfortable that you finally conform to my wishes.
And it goes without saying that I know what’s best for you.
I love you and I will continue to love you if you do what I know is right for you.

You see I learned this from Eckhart Tolle, and he continues on that the fun part is, majority of the parents are unconscious – they have no idea they are doing this! And when they are presented of this right up front they would laugh of how silly they are.

And that’s the answer – that is not them. It’s just their ego – their attachment to their function.

Friends, its not them chill.

And when time comes we become parents ourselves, chill. We are bigger than our role – our function as parents.



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