How the Rich Became Richer, The Poor Became Poorer (Not Anymore!)

Rich Richer Poor Poorer

How the Rich Became Richer, The Poor Became Poorer (Not Anymore!)

I’m sure all of us has heard from the recent State of the Nation address from Pnoy that the country experienced economic boost with a GDP increase of 7.8%!!


Ooops sorry, it should have been..

Majority of us would clamor that not even a bit did we experience a taste of such.

Let me share some light on this which I hope will scare yet inspire us on the big picture of our country.

Last week, Studio Inspiro, got the privilege to be part of the Asian Solidarity Economy Conference in Visayas organized by the Foundation for Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI). Here’s what I’ve got to say with that experience.

Included in that conference was this topic of the so called 7.3% GDP boost. Foundation for Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI)’s executive director Jay Lacsamana shared this amazing insight. The boost that Pnoy was talking about was only experienced in that .04% of the pie and those are the LARGE enterprises: the corporations and the conglomerates.

solidarity economy 1

How about the rest, the 91.6%? Here they are my friends:

solidarity economy petty traders

As what the whole conference is fighting for, it’s just right to bring or shall we call level up all the micro enterprise 91.6% into small-medium enterprises!!!

But is that possible? Yes. But it’s crazy difficult.



This is the beginning of my blog post.(hehehe!)

As you can see, these .04%, these corporations and conglomerates has control to all marketing and media channels all with one giant goal – FOR PEOPLE TO CONSUME!


They would spend millions of pesos on creating great commercials, advertisements, getting the best, whitest, longest hair, most popular artists; the craziest and cheesiest and oldest concept and use it over and over again (familiar with dishwashing liquids, the conscience telling you to buy this, and laundry soap contests against brand X????) – just for their products to sell!

And these sublime marketing messages, control us! They are everywhere!

If you noticed, when you watch television  your mind completely shuts off. You get stuck and glued to what you are watching!

Friends, I am afraid to tell you this, all these time we were fooled:

the TV are not there because of the shows, but because of the commercials!

So that people to continue to buy, to continue to consume products and services of this big .04% of the pie.


I mean, for example, look at your fridge where did you get the slightest idea that you should buy all those stuff in the fridge? Where did you get the hint that you should buy this prepaid loads for your cellphone? Where were you inspired to eat at these fast food chains?

I’m no economist, but the way I see it, this is how:
The Rich became Richer, The Poor became Poorer

Here’s a list of the top products and their market value as launched by Nielsin’s Top 50 Consumer Packaged Goods for 2012:

Carbonated Soft Drinks – P79.6 billion
Wines and Spirits – P43.1 billion
Biscuits – P31.0 billion pesos
Dietetics – P30.9 billion pesos
Laundry – P30.3 billions pesos
Powdered Milk – P22.1 billion pesos
Instant Noodles – p21.3 billion pesos
Snack Foods – P20.9 billion

And the sad part is, as we continue to consume these products, we are part of making

this even worse.

My big question is:


Answer: Please Read Title of this post.

Now, back to the solution.

Imagine a world that all the commercials – with the all the pretty artists, and product endorsers – the big billboards, promote Social Entreprenuer Products and even Fair Trade Products!

Fair Trade Billboard

Then the whole country will be “brainwashed” to consume only fair trade products, go to restaurants run by person with disabilities, buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables, join cooperatives where profit is shared by many rather than banks, patronize local products and delicacies – yippeey!!!


With how our country is run now, that’s just impossible!

So Hanz, how?

A big nationwide change is needed for these to come to life. To simply spread the wealth of the few to many. (As you read in my previous posts, how all these started)

But it will really take time. Its really creating a different way of doing things, a different system, a different economy.

This is what we have been talking for the past days, a new economy, a SolidarityEconomy.

And for this to happen takes changes – even small changes from each of us.

The point of this story is to simply stir everyone, awaken the people, and bring in a different level of understanding.

Change could come in buying local and fair trade products. Or buying from your own local vendors. Or growing your own food and becoming a vegetarian where you don’t need to buy those uber expensive skin smoothing creams because soft skin becomes given!

And also being involved in social enterprises where its not just about profits but its about the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits.

By the way, here’s what this social enterprise is:


Would you love that?

At the end of the day, the options is yours, you chose which side are you on.

Live in love,


PS. If you have reached this far, THANK YOU! I would really love to hear your thoughts on this! Cheers!

PS.2 Yes, you can share this!

Credits: Nielsin Story here:



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