Our New Short Film – “Anna Melena” with Behind the Scenes

setlife behind the scenes 3

Our New Short Film – “Anna Melena” with Behind the Scenes

It’s my third time to join the crazy adrenaline rush 48hour Film Challenge last month, April – this time for Singapore. My first join, which I wrote my story here – 48Hour Cebu which happened last October of 2014, and yes, our film “Si Kuya Lang” won “Best Story”.

John Launchille!

My second was last year December, and our first time to join for 48hour Film Challenge SG. Good news was we were able to make this super cool reverse mermaid fantasy comedy; bad news is, we didn’t make the deadline. Thanks to the ever cooperative internet speed in the Philippines, we didn’t make the cut.

reverse mermaid film

There’s Raymond Humphries-Erickson, our most trusted actor for the past year chilling with the love of his life! (Yes, that’s Christies!)

We vowed revenge, and made sure that this year we will make – and yes we did, roughly 15 minutes before the cut off!!!

Like any other 48Hour film challenge, we were given a character “Anna or Anthony Walters” who must be a scientist, and a props should be used, in this case a shoelace, and one line of dialogue must say, “Do you think that is cool?”.

The story for “Anna Melena” which was written by the amazing Isaias Zantua, goes:

Every 5 years is “Shapeshifter’s Day” where anyone with the potions can easily transform their bodies into anyone they wanted to. The fifteen year old Melena took this opportunity to “transform” herself into Anna so that she can date her adult crush, Anthony Walters. However, things are about the to go sour when the real Anna shows up as well.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos:

setlife behind the scenes 1

Totally blessed to have Euphrese Sanchez, the cute girl who we worked with us in our cafe commercial last year to be the teen Melena, and the last minute miracle of Migz Dapat (cheers for the full support of his mother Yvette Dapat) who jumped on board minutes before the shoot.

setlife behind the scenes 2

Cebu has always been tough to look for “shooting friendly cafe” well lit, less to no customers, and away from the super sounds of the buzzing city. Left with no choice and cramming for time we dressed up one empty classroom at the Film and Media Arts.

setlife behind the scenes 3

So from that empty room we turned it into this!! Cheers to Jess Boquiren our Production Designer (super far right) who transformed this place in half a day with a super limited budget! Talking to Jessie is Lorenzo, one of Cebu’s really promising sound mixer/boom operator. And on the middle is of course, Samantha Midel, the adult Anna. That’s me on the camera, and that’s Pantit Pablo our cinematogapher fixing those CTO and 216.

setlife behind the scenes 5

Here’s right before we roll the restaurant scene, and yes, that’s Raymond and he’s back with us this time!

setlife behind the scenes 4

This is our last scene for the day, and this is one of the very few moments I can see myself in action – with that huge back! hahaha

The one in red cap is our all around gaffer Juvel Alverez! (PS If you can find him in the movie, I’ll treat you to a vegetarian ice cream here in Wellnessland!)

And I’m giving this guy a special mention too! hahaha The very resourceful Dhan Vincent Montes our sound mixer, “Acknowledged, and speeding!”

Davin sound mixer cebu

Without much further ado – here’s our film!

Oh wait – so what are my take-aways or big lessons during the filmmaking challenge?

TRUST THE PROCESS – This has basically been my mantra in the whole year, from my career, to my relationships, and even in my finances, “Hanz, just trust the process. Trust your teammates. Trust yourself. Trust whatever comes up.” But always remember to….

TRUST WITHOUT EXPECTATION – As a director, I may still not be the master of this but I am really training myself not to put attachment to my vision as a director. This mess up all the time during shoots, I dont get what I always visualize it, but to my surprise it often works out better than I expected. And lastly…

CO-CREATE. The finished work is not my work, it’s not the writers work, it’s not ours – its the collection of everyone’s energies and even the contribution of the world at that very moment. That’s the magic of co-creation – one is part of one.

Okay, so much on the churva – here’s the film. Enjoy! And do drop us your thoughts!

PS. We actually did win, BEST SCREENPLAY! Here’s the team!

ana melena short film cast crew



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