Spiritual Baby and Finding Peace with Our Dreams

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Spiritual Baby and Finding Peace with Our Dreams

So I was riding in the bus with my partner – at work and at heart – Kathleen Gail. And I was babbling about how I wanted to raise a “spritiually eastern” influenced child. How I wanted for him not to learn to walk, but to learn how to levitate. How the baby will be full vegan, and how he will do fasting. His lullabys will be chants, and his rhymes would be “Baba Nam Kevalam (Love is all there is!) Then he will have power to heal, and learn the different colors through people’s auras. (Isn’t it super duper cool!?) And his first words will be, “Love”, “Vibration” and “Resonance”.And he will call on his mother when he sees her upset, “Mommy, let go, remember detachment!”

All these times we were laughing so hard, until later that I noticed her mood changing. (Typical lady eh?)

Soon I discovered that she was upset of my “dreams” to our babies. Yes, it’s too absurd and too impossible. And another yes, she bought all the idea!

Even though I really meant to tell them as a fun story or conversation, she took it by heart.

And then she exclaimed, “You are really like that! You don’t really stick to your dreams!”

For a split second, It hit me.

I had a flood of flashbacks to what’s happening to my life lately these days.

You see, things are quite tough lately, building the company Studio Inspiro, has quite some challenges, fitting in the 30% tax to our work, continuity of cash flow, getting the required quota – where will I get salaries? Plus, the “unexpected” financial crisis at home, I was in the low these days.

At that moment, something sinked in – I have let worry gone above my dreams.

Right then and there, I felt peace.

Live in love,

300 Words Series! Every day I spend most of my time, building my business, meeting amazing people, shooting great stories, and learning so many things – that I would really want to share to so many people – to YOU! And I always “plan” to write about these stories, and unfortunately, these great ideas stay in the posts it!

So to stop that endless cycle of not doing – hehehehe – tadaaaaa! I promise to write as quickly as I can any valuable lesson I learn within a 300 word post!

Expect wrong spellings, and grammar (ouch!) but more than that expect words that bless you!

We are swimming in an ocean of blessings – even ocean of great experiences that are meant to be shared!



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