Start Building Businesses With Your Talents (Quick Guide)

Creative Entrepreneurship

Start Building Businesses With Your Talents (Quick Guide)

This week has been such an awesome energy boosting period for I have made two runs of my seminar, Creative Entrepreneur – How to Build Businesses With Your Talents. Even from the first batch, I had this wonderful rush of creative energy for I delivered the workshop to the creative talents at PACE, Performing Artists Creative Elite. This is where Cebu’s top performing artists from singers, songwriters, voice talents, dancers, and stage actors come to be trained and build their name professionally. And on my second run was at the Radical Academy. Many hopeful talented people from Cebu came to hear my stories and get the boost to really start building brands with their talents.

Here’s the good news! I’ll be sharing to you what’s in this seminar!


I started off with sharing my colorful life as an artist. And also, how I carefully buried those talents with the idea that hey – “Painting, graphics, and playing the guitar won’t make you financially stable!”

Sadly, I saw many agreeing smiles.

And of course, you guys already know my now famous resignation story, I spent the last few years on entrepreneurship. So without any mentor, I…

1. Reprogrammed myself, and convinced it that I can make money with my creative talent
2. Dig all the information on how to build my craft (graphics and video editing)
3. Engaged myself into sales (Dude, I graduated magna, and not once in my 4 years did it talk about sales and persuasion)
4. Read all the books on entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, and negotiations. (FYI. I’m a psychology graduate)
5. And looked at myself in the mirror everyday saying that “Hey Hanz, you are doing great, keep it up!”

And slowly and slowly, I built my name in graphics and video editing here in Cebu.

Moving on with my talk, I did a little track back remembering all the great walls of limiting beliefs that shunned my motivation as an creative entrepreneur. Probably the first and biggest would be the idea of, “Is it really possible?”

And then I showed to everyone a list of artists I used to “stalk” online and how big – literally big they are earning. From graphic designers, videographers, painters, cartoonists, calligraphist, guitar players, creative guys, and even Youtube sensations.

And it hit me, “Hey, it is possible!”

So what separated me from them?

One thing, they built a brand!

The next half of my talk was purely on discussing on how to build a brand based on your talents.

I picked out 3 main components.

1. Fans

In marketing terminologies, we call this concept as your target market or your niche. I shared this powerful concept of having 1,000 true fans. If you do the math, even with this, you can truly survive for a year. And shared to the group one simple technique to directly connect with your fans. I also added, how to stand out to them and of course where to find them.

2. You – The Product

Now that you have a fan base, it’s time to build you! Coining what Jay-Z said.

I discussed here two main points. First, was the fact that all artists are technicians. They all know the technical skill but none of them are entrepreneurs. (I asked if someone can come right here in front and sell a product, they all sank in their seats.)
The next point was to build and increase their personal value. Coining on discpline, and starting their 10,000 hours.

3. The Business
To end I presented at least 10 business model where they can actually start bringing in cash right after joining the seminar. And actually it is that easy! Plus, with their creativity, they can easily incorporate two or more of the business models into their businesses.

To end with a bang, I told to the group 3 big secrets they must understand before they launch their talent-based business.

Here’s my favorite:

The Value you give to your talent does not correspond to your Technical Skill.

And I told them my story of how I used to charge only Php500 for a 5-minute video presentation before, and how it came to be that now I already charge Php10,000 for that same scope of work.

The super duper awesome Cebu's finest performing artists of PACE

The wonderful people who attended the Creative Entrepreneur Seminar at the Radical Academy

Be excited to hear more awesome post on Creative Entrepreneurship.


Love, Light and Be,



PS. Are you based in Cebu? I will be delivering an intense full workshop tomorrow, Saturday, October 13. (Yes, too quick right!) If you are really serious and have finally decided to bring out the best of your talent and is determined enough to build a brand out of it – THIS IS FOR YOU!
After the 4-hour workshop you will have a working and running business built on your talent!



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