Success Made Incredibly Simple

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Success Made Incredibly Simple

As I celebrate almost 3 years of leaping out from my job and took my personal path to greatness there have been so many lessons I have learned.

I can completely write again another book – thicker and meatier – this time. (I have launched my first ever book last year with my business partner Janmck Hilado entitled, Rich Real Radical, 40 Lessons from a Magna Cum Laude and a Colllege Drop Out)) And write stories about entrepreneurship, creativity, universal laws, persuasion secrets, leadership, health, yoga and wellness, vegetarianism, to finances, stocks and investments, money management, and to even spirituality and establishing awesome relationship with God.

The past 3 years has been all about learning – BIG TIME! And as much as I would want to share them to all of you, I am putting it all in one, and making it completely easy for you.

As you see, this insight is very close to my heart. Imagining spending 3 years of ups and downs, and now its all in here – right before your eyes.

To make it even simpler, friends it all in one word.



For wordy people its, CONGRUENCE.


One time I conducted a seminar on Discovering Your Financial Attitude, and I excitedly asked everyone, “Who wants to become rich?”

Everybody raised their hands!

And for my punchline, “Who wants to become a Millionaire!?”

To my shock, only 3 raised their hands.

And for the first time, I didn’t know how to come up with a follow-up phrase. I was blank! I didn’t know what to do.


“Lets give ourselves a big hand!” I blurted out!

So did you see my point?

Here’s another one.

I was giving a training on Creative Entreprenuership, a class for artists to build income streams with their talents. Then again, I asked the big question…

“Who wants to become rich?”

Obviously, everybody raised their hands!

Then my super question, “Do you believe that your talents – with all your heart – will make you rich?”

Again, a few raised their hands.

(When I gave them my tiger look, that’s the time slowly they raised too!)

Friends, now do you see what I mean with alignment?

Your Purpose

(What do you think life wants from you!)


Your Belief

(Your strong values, the ideals you believe in)


Your Passion or Core Gift (“What You do” Assuming you are living out your core gift!  )




In a nutshell, it’s basically my own personal definition of success, becoming the best of who you are!

And to make it even easier to remember, “make sure your SOUL, MIND, and BODY are aligned – congruent – they flow in one direction!”

“Wow Hanz, that’s is so PROFOUND! But how?”

Friends, to all honesty it took me 3 years to figure that out!

I mean not really discovering, but really laying it all down. At first I already knew that I am creative, and handsome. (God’s gift, you know.) But it really took me that long to really seal it, put the ideas into experience and work on it.

What’s stopping me?



I didn’t really see it very clearly at first. With all the work I was doing, and all the results I was getting, still something was missing. At the end of the day, I lay back and get clouded with thoughts:

“Will this work?”

“Can art really make money?”

“Who will teach me?”

“Is what I am doing right?”

“What will I do next?”

“How shall I build the system? Who will help me?”

“Why are the results so slow?”

“What will happen in the next 3 months?”

What I am doing each day has this missing link with what’s in my heart and soul.

And then I pursued to answer these big questions, until one day I said to myself,

“Wow, so this is it.”

I now have Studio Inspiro, a multi-media and marketing solutions team, “Telling stories that Inspires Action”. More than the stream of clients, we are partners of major tipping point industries – Finance and Wellness.




We are partners with SpringRain Global, a Leading Philanthropic and Financial Management partners in Asia. They help organizations to become financially sustainable and turn them into philanthropists. (And yeah, it’s CEO, Ms. Glenda Antonio is my personal and my company’s financial mentor too! In short, Studio Inspiro, is a philanthropist-institution in the making!) Learn to become a Philanthropist too by following us on


Another industry, which is health, has its prime self-health movement spearheaded by Wellnessland Health Institute, founded by Dr. Romy Paredes (Of course my health mentor). What’s the difference? These are doctors that treat root causes of the diseases not the symptoms. And that at the end of the day, you become the doctor yourself! Yes, and Studio Inspiro is there to make that industry reach more! Take charge of your health by following us on


Of course, my passion for training and people empowerment will never cease for we have grown exponentially with One Percent Circle Inc.. One of my companies, together with Dr. Romy Paredes, my business and legal mentor, Coach Tony Conahap, and the enchanting energy healing specialist, Jakki Lucero, where we gave high-value and holistic transformational workshops! Know our next workshop through



Friends, all these happened when I have finally experienced being aligned!

That is what we call setting your life ON FIRE!

“Hanz, HOW? How on earth will I do that?”

Yes, there is a shortcut.

And I have written it here – FIRE!

I compressed everything into one workbook, where you can print, and bring everywhere. I believe, this won’t happen overnight, but so long as you start the process right then I guarantee you success is on your doorstep.

In this workbook I am showing you in simplified form how to:

  Discover Your Core Gift

            7 Techniques to bring out your Passion

             Knowing if what you do matters

             Finding Your Big Why


You can download the workbook FIRE by subscribing on the right! (If you have already subscribed before, I sent you the access to the Success Room, you can grab it there!)

That’s it!

Answer the big questions, and you are a legend in the making!

Once again, be aligned – check if what your soul wants, what your mind believes and what your body is doing is aligned!

Live in Love,


PS. Thank you so much for taking time to reach this point, you are one a kind, and I’m prophecize that to this day, your life will be on fire!

PS. 2 I’m sure many people would be blessed to read this, will you be part of spreading this simple message to your friends? Click on share, or share this link on your wall!

PS. 3. This post is super inspired by Dr. Paredes who taught me that “Genius lies on making the complicated simple!” As on his book, “Health Made Incredibly Simple”



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