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  • kenshin life lesson hiten mitsurugi dreams

    How I Also Learned Hiten Mitsurugi with Kenshin Himura

    Yes, I’m late, in watching the last installment of Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends. I have tons of excuses for not being on time, but, the Universe indeed has some great plans waiting for me. Why? The message just came in at the right place, …

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  • Make The Best Of Your Last Year In School

    24 Things To Make this Last Year in School the Best Ever

    Why am I writing this? Let’s just say I graduated high school as a valedictorian, and college as magna cum laude. I’m 26 now, and looking back, I could just sigh. “Damn, I could have made it even better!” And these are the things that popped …

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  • Facepalm Deal With Shit

    The Best Way to Deal with Sh*t in our Lives

    In this journey I started last 2012, the journey of going deeper and inwards to myself has led me to so many big life changes. I could write and preach endlesslesly of the great lessons and insights I have learned, but it would more awesome …

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  • insomnia life energy

    Top Cause of Insomnia – Awesome Discoveries

    So it has been quite a journey to my self-health freedom – where one totally takes full responsibility of our health. One of the challenges is to really learn and re-learn so many ideas and principles. One of which is this eureka moment when I …

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  • Typhoon Yolanda Tacloban 20131109 007 Carousel

    What the Earthquake and Yolanda Told Me

    In less than a month, our country Philippines, specifically my city, Cebu, has experience two of the worst natural disasters – a 7.2 magnitude earthquake coupled with hundreds of aftershocks, and a historical super typhoon Haiyan, aka. Yolanda. Thousands dead, homeless, and broken. After all …

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  • Gmo Vs Organic Human

    The Two Types of Humans: GMO or Organic

    The Green Insights: (The wacky ideas I download during gardening) MAN is very much similar to PLANTS: There are 2 kinds of humans: GMO and the ORGANIC.

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  • Happiness is NOW! A friendly reminder from Maharlika Nation!

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  • Cebu Broadway

    Imagine BROADWAY in CEBU (A Dream)

    Let me share to you a simple dream… Cebu will have our own Broadway. Not just really Broadway, but something like an ARTIST STREET! Let me share it this way… Imagine a home where artists can present pure raw talent, that which they have practiced …

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  • Awaken Life Purpose

    Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (10 Ways How)

    “Okay, okay, Hanz, from all the successes and businesses and all wealth stuff you seemed to have talked about all these past years, now, why are you talking about the PURPOSE OF LIFE?” My answer: So that our LIVES will make SENSE! Honestly, this is …

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    Awakening – Your Time Has Come

    Research says that people tend to usually CHANGE THEIR LIVES or as I would have to call it, “wake  up” when they are at their lowest point. Terminal Illness. Death. Tragedy. Unemployment. Loss. Grief. Bankruptcy. Let me describe it to you carefully. I remember sharing …

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