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  • kenshin life lesson hiten mitsurugi dreams

    How I Also Learned Hiten Mitsurugi with Kenshin Himura

    Yes, I’m late, in watching the last installment of Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends. I have tons of excuses for not being on time, but, the Universe indeed has some great plans waiting for me. Why? The message just came in at the right place, …

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  • Gift Of Conflicts Love

    8 Ways to Have Happy Healthy and Sexy Couple Fights – The Gift of Conflicts (Part 2)

    And we’re back! Last time I took the opportunity to share the most treasured lessons I learned from 12 years with Dabby Gail’s – specifically in our conflicts. All in all, it was how I totally transformed from my long time hatred of conflicts in …

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  • Sexy Couple Fights

    8 Ways to Have Happy Healthy and Sexy Couple Fights | The Gift of Conflicts (Part 1)

    It was a warm night and I was up on stage with my guitar. The lights were big, the sounds huge, and I was strumming the strings, jumping up and down, and rocking like crazy. But deep inside I was heart broken. Earlier that day, …

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  • Relationships Are Unique Love Stories

    The One Thing We Totally Forget In Relationships

    Just recently I found it how “twisted” was our love for love stories. I mean we grew up with love stories. Starting from bed time stories, to childhood fairytales, then to the young romance pocket books (Yes, at some point I was reading them, I’m …

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  • Si Kuya Lang Short Film 4

    Why Filmmakers Should Join a 48 Hour Shootout

    I just had a really awesome weekend, and I just would have to write it down. In so many ways the Motion Picture Society of Cebu’s 48-Hour Shootout is ultimately what Cebu filmmakers need right now. As I wrote on how I transitioned from being …

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  • What Is Wrong With Earth

    What is Wrong with the World Today?

    Poverty, Corruption, Murder…. Depression, Envy, Power, Control, Selfie-selfie…     The answers are endless. I recently watched a documentary film entitled, “I Am” which follows the story of the famous director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty) who experienced one life changing event …

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  • Parentinitis

    Parentinitis – Check If Your Parents Have This Too

    At a certain point in my life – I obviously felt and experienced this “motivation” from my parents. It was painful of course, I would go on a self-induced grounding for days! But I didn’t understand it back then. Why? But now that I know …

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  • Cebu Broadway

    Imagine BROADWAY in CEBU (A Dream)

    Let me share to you a simple dream… Cebu will have our own Broadway. Not just really Broadway, but something like an ARTIST STREET! Let me share it this way… Imagine a home where artists can present pure raw talent, that which they have practiced …

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  • Speak Same Language

    Your Language Determines Your Reality

    It’s funny how I was able to train myself to “categorize” people according to their choice of words. Oh, it’s not about judging them – defensive eh? (Please don’t judge me! Haha) It’s basically identifying what their status is and how I can best communicate …

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  • Hanz Florentino Prophecy Gift 2013

    My 2013 Gift to You

    Note: Of the 7 billion people in the world, ff you are reading this, then this gift is specifically made for you receive it. If this was shared from someone, be grateful to that person, I’m pretty sure you are very special. The last quarter …

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  • Awaken Life Purpose

    Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (10 Ways How)

    “Okay, okay, Hanz, from all the successes and businesses and all wealth stuff you seemed to have talked about all these past years, now, why are you talking about the PURPOSE OF LIFE?” My answer: So that our LIVES will make SENSE! Honestly, this is …

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  • Relationship Trap1

    Great Relationships 101 – The Deadly Relationship Trap

    Have you ever heard of stories of your classmates or friends who once had wonderful relationships with their lovers – so romantic and mushy, totally sweet. All the dating back in school, making you the “human bridge” of their love a.k.a runner or messenger, your …

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