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  • binisaya-film-festival-cebu

    The Brighter Side of Not Winning in Film Festivals

    This is not a post about failure and success, nor about not giving up, and learning to stand every time you fall. No, that’s too cheesy and overrated. This is also not a rationalization or some glorified-self-excuse because Studio Inspiro’s film was screened last night …

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  • setlife behind the scenes 3

    Our New Short Film – “Anna Melena” with Behind the Scenes

    It’s my third time to join the crazy adrenaline rush 48hour Film Challenge last month, April – this time for Singapore. My first join, which I wrote my story here – 48Hour Cebu which happened last October of 2014, and yes, our film “Si Kuya …

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  • Si Kuya Lang Short Film 4

    Why Filmmakers Should Join a 48 Hour Shootout

    I just had a really awesome weekend, and I just would have to write it down. In so many ways the Motion Picture Society of Cebu’s 48-Hour Shootout is ultimately what Cebu filmmakers need right now. As I wrote on how I transitioned from being …

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  • IStock 000005724729Small

    How to Make Your Dream God’s Dreams

    We at the Studio Inspiro are now done with the first part of shooting our short film entitled “Augustino“. It’s a wonderful story of a boy named Augustino who wrote 7 crazy dreams and how he prayed for them to Sto Nino. And the movie …

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