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    Waking Up From an Artist’s Depression

    It has been ages since I have longed to revive this blog. Seeking for the right topics, and even the right time to write it never just came. Not until this morning. Today, I woke up wanting to start writing. One particular day last week, …

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  • Gmo Vs Organic Human

    The Two Types of Humans: GMO or Organic

    The Green Insights: (The wacky ideas I download during gardening) MAN is very much similar to PLANTS: There are 2 kinds of humans: GMO and the ORGANIC.

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  • Janmck Hanz Bo Sanchez

    Bo Sanchez’s Best Advice for Me (Surely for You)

    It was last September 3, that Bro. Bo Sanchez came here to Cebu for the launching of the Kerygma Conference. And as always, Janmck and I had quite an ample time updating each other on our ventures being him as our mentor. So while waiting …

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  • disover you passion loves steve job remember lessons

    The Greatest Lesson Ever Learned from Steve Jobs

    My world actually stopped, after hearing the news. Steve Jobs (1955-2011) “Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world has lost and amazing human being” This week, we have been half way into the Discover Your Passion Contest, and I have …

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  • stop fixing people change

    Great Relationships 101 – Stop Fixing People

    To be honest, I don’t have a good relationship with my sister. Why? We’re just too different. And that difference had brought tremendous marks in our family’s history. I didn’t like her because… She spends all of her life watching TV! Okay not really all …

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  • Success Relationships E1314637601972

    Great Relationships 101 – Success Is All About Relationships

    “No person has ever become so successful without having great relationships.” Friends, it’s all about relationships. What is life if you may have everything you need and want but you are empty inside? Or you are carrying hurt and emotional baggage? What will you do …

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