Taking Better Portaits and My Super Goal

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Taking Better Portaits and My Super Goal

Early this year, the photographer Hanz had this super goal to push through with my creative career and that is…

To learn how to photograph normal people and make them really look good and feel good in the camera.

And so far the journey has not been that easy because I realized that there are two types of people in the world – people who wants to be photographed, and people who hates – despise – to be photographed.

My next big question is, how? How do I pose them? What words will I say? If I want a candid shot, how will I make them laugh? How will I make it look real?

I don’t really know how, but, well, f**k it, let me just do it!

Pushing this takes me away from the best scenario of shooting with models who obviously already has the edge of looking good and feeling good on camera, so I started with my friends and shoot their portraits.

Of course the Filmmaker Hanz, automatically went into film look mode (For newbies out there, here are simple photography tips):

Key to fill ratio – uneven lighting on the face to produce depth and 3d-ness in the face, check!

Backlit – light that creates a rim (rim light, lol!) to separate subject from the background, check!

Bokeh – a lot of creamy circles in the background, check!






So in the span of a few months, though I was aiming at getting the technical right, I was amazed that in every photo after the other, I also learned how to interact, put them there, make them more comfortable.

In short, I now know what I’m doing.

I gained the confidence.

Here are my latest shots with few additional posing points i learned along the way.

Chin forward and down – to bring separation of the face, check!

Straighten the spine – makes people look really longer and magically makes them more feel and look confident, check!

Relax the lips – I find it hard to explain this, but telling people to relax the lips has a very huge difference!





I’m far becoming the super pro photographer I always dreamed of, but at the end of the day, I am proud to say that this handsome (ehem!) photographer from Cebu is getting there!

So who wants me to take their photographs!?





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