The 4 Major Income Streams You Should Have

multiple income streams

The 4 Major Income Streams You Should Have

multiple income streams

To really reach financial freedom, the idea is that you should be working on all the 4 Major Income Streams with at least one of them as your forte. Focus on one, but you should also have planted on the three others.

And yes, I am already doing well in all of these 4 income streams.

You would be very glad – or some sad – that after all the hardwork you have done for your company, employment, is not included in the 4 major streams. So what are they?

1. Traditional Businesses

These is the traditional businesses model we have, which involves one of both buying and selling. Manufacturing belongs here, as well as offering of services to clients. Mostly these businesses involve tangible things. Other kinds of these are rentals, made-to-order, event organizing, and network marketing.

Traditional Businesses come from the simplest form of verbal agreement to the complex of building huge companies. For me, in these businesses come most easy money for me so far. Such as in the services and network marketing.

2. Real Estate

All that has something to do with buying and selling of properties: from lots, to houses, town houses, garages, bodegas, condominiums, memorial lots, fish bonds, rice fields, buildings, and more.

How will you earn from these? Rentals,leasing, buying cheap and selling high.

In real estate, each transaction consists of so many factors that could affect how much you will earn or whether you will earn or not, however, if you do earn – cash comes in big chunks.

3. Investments

These involves putting your money somewhere and it magically bears baby money – whether twins or aborted and healthy or not and whether the baby looks like you or your neighbor.

Its all about putting your money in a vehicle – mutual funds, stocks, and bonds – and let the money work and grow for you without doing anything.

Having your money borrowed for a business which will earn a percentage of it is also a type of investments.

4. Internet Marketing

This is the fun part. This is the business where you can use the other 3 streams on it. Internet marketing is about selling a product, a business, a real estate, an event, and an idea.

There are 2 ways to make money from it like availing of the online opportunities to earn. First would be on ads or being an affiliate of a product digital or not. The second way is to use internet marketing as a tool to meet the objectives of traditional businesses, real estate and investments.

As of the moment typing these, my stable income comes from the internet marketing, while my other money making machine goes to the businesses I have set-up while the highest traditional business I am working out really well today is my network marketing business. My investments would still bloom after a few years, while I still have a pending list of real estate properties I am trying to connect the seller and buyer.

So that’s it. Before even resigning, make sure you have already set-up on at least one of these income streams. I will share to you on how I made money on each of those 4 Major Income Streams Then try to hit on the rest and the flow will follow.


See you at the top,


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