The Best Way to Deal with Sh*t in our Lives

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The Best Way to Deal with Sh*t in our Lives

In this journey I started last 2012, the journey of going deeper and inwards to myself has led me to so many big life changes. I could write and preach endlesslesly of the great lessons and insights I have learned, but it would more awesome if people will learn it by themselves.

Insights, and aha moments are such a common phenomenon to those who took this path of self discovery. And just this weekend I go

t this bang when I realized:

Our life experiences is like breathing, some experiences lead us to expand and of course some lead us to contract. It’s more like the highs and lows, but I’d rather call it expansion and contraction. When we expand we become the angels we were actually made of: happy, bright, helpful, focused, productive, we listen to our heart and you just can’t resist it but to simply be good. In short, we become the divine beings we are designed in the first place. However, because we are humans and we live in this world where there is culture and societal norms and way of doing things – so the divine contracts! When I say contract that’s when we get stuck, we get to experience sh*t – bigtime, things go out of control, we fail to our childhood issues and traumas, and so manny sh*tty things happen.

So what is this telling me? Two Things!

That this expansion and contraction is a pattern! That there should be no judgment here. It O.K.A.Y. There’s nothing wrong.

And that because this is a pattern we cannot escape – we can anticipate it! We know it’s coming! In my case, my highs would usually go on for three weeks (way better when I started when the shift would only be a matter days, so good job Hanz!) I will know and see that in the coming days some sh*t is gonna come. And so when it comes, I’d be so low and down, but at the back of my head a voice tells me,

“Well, this is it Hanz, it has come, there’s nothing wrong with this you know. Yes, you cannot escape this. So get over it. Trust, me everything will fall in place. Actually its pretty beautiful. Don’t forget to write down what you have learned okay?”

So in a few hours, or a few days if it needs some actions from other people, boom, I’ll just be amazed – like almost all of the time – that everything will fall in place in the grandest least expected ways!

Like the latest was, I was really willing to move out of this big project we are doing because of painful people issues, but wow, after “letting it happen” we are in many times better than before.

All in all, let the sh*t happen, be open to it. I’d be too cheesy if I tell you to think positive and be hopeful and all will come to pass blah blah. But I’m sharing to you, don’t judge your experience, just grab every bit of best in every sh*t.

As what we usually call it – SHI*F*T HAPPENS!

Live in love,




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