The Bottom Line of Weight Loss

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The Bottom Line of Weight Loss

The other week, we at One Percent Circle had a workshop at one of the biggest schools here in Cebu. We had a run of Alive! – a 4-hour Wellness Workshop with Dr. Dale Pasco (my really cool diet mentor, and vegan surgeon) and Jakki Lucero (my spriitual “ate” and energy healer) to the faculty and staff of the school.

One of the biggest question that kept on repeating was the issue on weight loss: “How to lose weight?”

I preferred to answer that because that issue was like – keep this as our secret, okay? – 80% of my life before! You see when I was a child, I was very healthy – in other words – fat. So a big part of my elementary days were at being in the benches during sports, getting caught easily and becoming the “it”, gets the “fat” partner during school dance, and being bullied. Ssssshhhh.

Not until last year, with the so many transformations of many aspects of my life – one having to say goodbye to meat and becoming a vegetarian – that I finally received the bottom line of this issue.

This was my answer to her question on weight loss.

“Before even wanting to lose or even gain weight, first you must ask yourself this question – WHY? Why do I want to lose weight or gain weight? Is it because you want to look good? To be appreciated? To be complimented? Gain more confidence? Or you want to feel good? Be more energetic?

Here’s my suggestion, and make this the foundation of your weight “decisions” – do not make your weight concerns an Ego-Issue, make it a Health-Issue.

The reason why most people “struggle” with weight – even accepting and making it part of their life that they have weight “problems” – and sometimes have their weight fluctuate, is because weight for them has become an Ego-Issue – the desire to LOOK good, or be appreciated.

However, if it becomes a health-issue, the need to be at their best state – the figure where you:

1. Feel Good

2. Feel Light

3. Move at their best speed

4. Sharper Mind

5. Energized

If this is your goal, then can one’s desire for this state can be so relentless.  No obstacle will stop you.

I discovered this when I met this big guy – really BIG – but also a vegetarian for 17 years!

And even, now, when I look at myself, it’s not about how I look with my weight, but how I feel inside – that level of life, that level of energy. When I see that I’ve gained some weight yet I feel even better, no problem. Or when I see that I have lost some pounds, and feel weaker, that’s when I begin to recall and identify the cause of my feeling de-energized”

So when you are in the mirror, don’t just look at yourself but look within, and ask yourself,

“Is this the overall state this body – this gift from God, this temple – should be right at this moment?”

Live in Love,


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