The Two Types of Humans: GMO or Organic

Gmo Vs Organic Human

The Two Types of Humans: GMO or Organic

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MAN is very much similar to PLANTS: There are 2 kinds of humans: GMO and the ORGANIC.


GMO humans are highly “commercialized” 

> They groom themselves to look more than just good, and even do it through crazy means: overly priced cosmetics, branded clothes, going out to flashy places

> They take pills to clean/heal themselves from the pesticides they take in – those that come in the form of fastfood, junkfood, synthetic food.

> They live in classy greenhouses – in skyscrapers, condos, mansions. They live mostly in lines, and boxes, and trays made of plastics and metals. And they are grouped by classes, a, b, or c.

> Their bosses are MACHINES! They “Grow” by the hundreds and thousands so that their boss will earn so much money!

> And they become successful “easily” – they grow, and bloom so fast! (Didn’t know if they enjoyed the process of growing!)

>So on the outside they look GREAT, but deep inside they are EMPTY.


Organic Humans however are “down to earth”

> They are proud to expose their vulnerability in the from of SCARS: bites from caterpillars, remnants from typhoons that has passed,even mud and dirt splashes

>They don’t take pills (extra growth hormones) because they don’t need one. They eat healthy fertilizers, and get sick most of the times, but they are confident that through nature they can heal themselves.

>They don’t curse and hate other organism (insects and worms) they CO-EXIST

>They live in simple houses, made of strong wood, some bamboos, doesn’t cost much but lasts very long. And they live in families and communities, you can see other plants (nations) just across the line. No walls. No barriers.

>Their bosses are HUMANS, some even children! They are very much taken cared of. Some of their human masters would even SACRIFICE and DIE for them just to save the farm – the land they live in.

>They would often love to grow! They want to experience how wonderful it is to be alive – enjoy the sunlight, and visits of the butterflies!

>They take life step by step, one day at a time. There’s no rush in growing big in a short amount of time. They live in the moment. Their lives are not controlled or designed.

> So on the outside they look SIMPLE, but deep inside is LIFE.


So are you a GMO or an ORGANIC human?


Live in love,

Hanz Florentino

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