Top Cause of Insomnia – Awesome Discoveries

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Top Cause of Insomnia – Awesome Discoveries

So it has been quite a journey to my self-health freedom – where one totally takes full responsibility of our health. One of the challenges is to really learn and re-learn so many ideas and principles. One of which is this eureka moment when I was looking for one best way to have a good night’s sleep, and  I figured out the number 1 cause of INSOMNIA:


DIAGNOSIS: A person is not LIVING his day – thus there’s no LIFE energy exerted.

You see, its in sleeping that we receive energy, however that is only when we NEED that energy. But if you spend your day just trying to get by, you may be at work but there’s no living energy exerted from you, your body still has this FULL LIFE energy that needs to be disposed:

SOLUTION: LIVE your day to the fullest!

Use every positive life energy in each day! =D

Live in love,


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