Two Kinds of Expectations – Which One Works

Two Kinds Of Expectations

Two Kinds of Expectations – Which One Works

Three years into this higher level of consciousness journey (char!) you’d think that you’re getting better at the law of attraction – literally getting everything I want – but sometimes it flops – bigtime.

A few weeks ago I had two straight weeks that I believed that the Power of is within my fingertips – I was getting everything I want. Week one, I need to get my final no-dialogue film project shot. Lo and behold, the budget, the cast, the approvals, the props and my schedule just fell in place. Smooth. Awesome. Gratified.

Week two, it’s almost the end of term in film school, and I need funds to get by the term break and to survive the next term. Lo and behold, I had two easy video gigs right on the spot.

What did I do? I simply expected. I had this strong got feeling that it will just come. And so I have it.

However, the following weeks were just – bummers. Far way different from those two highs. Things just didn’t out very well. I was sad. I was worried. I don’t understand what’s happening but yet I simply did the same thing – I expected.

Fast forward, as I was looking at the experience, I believe I found the mysterious fault.

Photo by Rebeca Carpintero

Photo by Rebeca Carpintero

There was a big difference in these two expectations.

Expecting from the heart and expecting from the mind.

Guess what worked?

Expecting from the mind is calculations, “how?”, doubts, worries, “will this work?”, you begin to see that what you expect is not working, control, and so many other things going on in your head that you could actually feel it.

Expecting from the heart is detachment of the outcome, you don’t see it if it’s working or not but you know it’s working, hands-off, flow, T.R.U.S.T, “okay, it’s not working but you know it will work”, the whole process is centered in the heart that you could actually feel it.

So now you know what worked right?

In summary, the kind of expectation that will work is simply that which you are happy with – all the way, no matter what.

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