Cebu Changemakers in Muni Hohol

muni cebu hohol changemakers

Cebu Changemakers in Muni Hohol

What happens when you put in one room all CHANGEMAKERS in CEBU??? from Organic Farm Enthusiasts, Eco-Tourism Adventurers, Indigenous Artisans, Essence Based Marketers, to UpCycled DIY Hobbyists – a NEW future is created!!!

Amazing turnout at September 6’s Muni PH HOHOL in Cebu!

Cheers to all the new members of our growing community! It was a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you to all those who came, conversed and will hopefully continue the conversations and create collaborations!

We love Cebu! You guys have been amazing! Thank you also to Handuraw Pizza Gorordo for hosting us, and to Youth for a Livable Cebu for helping us put the event together. Thanks to ANTHILL Fabric Gallery, Aframe Surf Company, Island Buzz Philippines SUP & Kayak Adventures and Handuraw for our raffle prizes. And congrats to all the winners, including winners of P200 GCs for Lagu beach blankets. And thank you to Hanz Florentino of Studio Inspiro for our photos! Because of all of you, we are sure that Cebu has a lot of great things in store.

Till our next hohol!!!



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