What is Wrong with the World Today?

What Is Wrong With Earth

What is Wrong with the World Today?

Poverty, Corruption, Murder….

Depression, Envy, Power,

Control, Selfie-selfie…



The answers are endless.

I recently watched a documentary film entitled, “I Am” which follows the story of the famous director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty) who experienced one life changing event due to a bike accident and was completely transformed right after. He then travelled around the world and met with great teachers, authors, and historians to get the answer of this question:

What is wrong with the World Today?

The average guy would simply shout – EVERYTHING!

Yes, a lot is wrong with the world today, but how did it all started? What’s the root of all these?

And the answer:

It started when people begin to get more than what they need.


Why is there poverty?

People get more than what they need.

Why is there depression?

People feel they want more than what they need.

Why is there corruption?

People get more than what they should get.

Why is there stress?

People get what they don’t need.

Why is there crimes?

People get more than what they need.

Why is there obesity? (hehehe!)

See the pattern?

All problems in the world today can simply be traced – answered – by this statement.

Looking into myself, and what a tremendous shift I had gone through my life from claiming and wanting so much abundance especially on materialism (if you have seen my dream boards, you will know what I am talking about..hehehe) to now who has finally understood the essence of sacred simplicity which also lead me to be more conscious of my lifestyle starting from my decision to become a vegetarian a year ago and now coming into so much work with initiatives, social enterprises, and solidarity economies.

Everything is clearer now. Abundance is not so much about acquiring – or some would now call it attracting – but true abundance is simply being present and being alive and nature is the best manifestation of true abundance.

We just happened to be so programmed through so much advertising with thousands of frequencies that reach us everyday to buy and to consume without us knowing that we are killing our very own planet simply because of this bottom-line: WE GET MORE THAN WHAT WE NEED.

For the more skeptic and adventurous, watch this video to understand more.

Yes, Yes, most people now may not totally grasp what I am talking about. But let me invite you with this.

I want you to imagine a world where people only get what they need.


Live in Love,



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