What To Do for the Rest of Your Life? PURPOSE Part 1 of 5

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What To Do for the Rest of Your Life? PURPOSE Part 1 of 5

You Are Built for One Specific Purpose

Why am I so fussy about this core gift thingy?

You might ask.

Here’s a short story.

There was this young man, with a so promising high paying career who suddenly out of the blue quit his job to start on his journey to finding true financial freedom. And so what he did, he got into all the business and money making opportunities that lay before him!

He sold cars, flipped houses, real estate, franchising, became a sales agent, head hunter, commissioner, dear hunter, anything to make money! He was everywhere!

After 6 months of doing all those exciting and challenging endeavours – he crashed.



One – He’s going nowhere.

Two – He was not designed to do those.

It’s simple.

Just like the TV, what if your TV was built to run on 110 volts, but you plugged it in to 220 volts?


Remember the smell of burnt appliance?

Friend, each of us are specifically designed – genetically, physically. All our experiences and memories are aligned with our abilities do one certain line of tasks here on earth. And it is only us, no one else, who can do it truly well.

We are all hardwired to do something very very well – and if you just do the opposite.


Now you can smell burnt hopes and dreams.

I always love to ask this to people.

“Why settle on doing something you’re not good at?”

“Why do you even try hard? And even harder?”

Friend, if you are planning to resign or even for anyone who wants to have the best career ever, choose to focus on something that you are really good at – I know that you know it deep inside. Choose to do something that you can picture yourself doing even to the last moment of your life.

And, this series – What to do for the Rest of Your Life – will guide you through it. Keep posted! Read the next part – CORE GIFT


See you at the top,


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PS. The guy in the story was me. Oh yeah, I was gone for quite some time and was in what I called “Dark Ages” of my life. I’ll tell you more about it soon. But I’m just really thankful I have been there, why? So that I can tell you how to avoid being there!



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